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 Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I hosted three-day Sudarshan Kriya 
seminars at my home. Various teachers stayed at my house over the years.  
Sometimes, one would call and set up a place/time to give an intro lecture 
while staying the weekend. The wife of one of these teachers came a few times 
and did a such a lecture – probably to maintain an active status in the SSRS 
org. I went with her and listened to the lecture at the church center where it 
was held. The lecture was competent although not too passionate or inspiring. 
These were all old TM teachers so they had done this kind of routine many times.
 The next day we were having lunch at a restaurant and engaging in a typical 
casual conversation prior to the second lecture. When she mentioned that she 
was Jewish, I must have looked surprised. She was blonde and blue-eyed and look 
very Anglo-German. I said something naughty, to see her response … “That’s 
surprising … you don’t look like you have the map of Israel stamped upon your 
face”.  (It was a comment that I heard voiced by an Orthodox monk previously.)
 She look slightly irritated but caught herself and stated emphatically that 
she (and her mother) kept a careful Seder at the home she where she grew up and 
so did she.  I thought it was interesting to witness the moment of “affront” 
since it pealed-off the social face she displayed. I never thought much about 
it, since where I lived, I wouldn’t know if someone was Jewish - even if I 
bumped into them on a street corner. The weekend ended, she went back home and 
that ended the excursion.
 Later when the Kriya teacher/business partner of her husband returned, he 
happened to mention that she was composing a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book. 
He also mentioned that she was planning more of them and that her husband 
(another Kriya teacher) was hoping she started making a bunch of money from it, 
so he could quit involvement in his businesses. All of it was just talk to me 
at the time. However, later the truth came out – bizzaro mundo.
 About a year later I saw them - both the woman and her husband at a SSRS 
retreat. I don’t remember much about the beginning but later I started seeing 
her in the meal line waiting to get to the food. There wasn’t much conversation 
in the line and that suited me just fine. However, I learned that my simple 
presence was now deemed problematic, when her husband came over after a meal 
and asked me to stay back and stay away from her because she thought I was 
stalking her. I don’t think my jaw dropped but I was “floored” – I couldn’t 
comprehend how she would think this, since they all had stayed at my home and 
shared driving/meals/whatever.
 I didn’t want to cause a stir, so I just consciously decided to avoid any 
possible proximity during meals/meal lines/meditations. The woman and her 
husband never came to my home again and I was quite thankful. I could only 
imagine what I might be accused of saying/doing/attempting when in the same 
house – my house. It was a revealing form of psychopathology that caused me to 
wonder about the psychological fitness of some of these teachers.
 Later, at a meeting with SSRS during another course, I was up close talking 
with him. He asked me to sit down close and then he read a note and called her 
up – sitting right beside me. I was uncomfortable about it but I wasn’t able to 
leave yet. Worse, I had to listen to her whispered conversation with SSRS about 
some personal issue that I never would want to know about. I guess it was 
psycho-karma unfolding but I felt grateful that I wasn’t being accused again of 
 Learning that she had compiled all these books, I sometimes wondered how she 
could compile/write a book instructing other people about how to live a life of 
unconditional love and happiness. I finally concluded that people try and 
attempt to talk authoritatively about what they would like to possess. That is 
… what they want but at the same time do not have and do not experience.
 Since most of her talking points came from SSRS, I guess this fits the bill.









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