MJ, the original letter covered much of what you being up. I'm only attending 
some of the small groups so don't know what details everyone is getting into. 
But definitely there is a healthy focus on solutions.

      From: "Michael Jackson mjackso...@yahoo.com [FairfieldLife]" 
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 Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 10:30 AM
 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] FF Mental Health Alliance: Shifting Cultural 
Attitudes Subcommittee
    So people are talking openly about the fact that long term TM and TMSP'ers 
sometimes attempt suicide and some attempts are successful? Are they openly 
discussing the specific suicides that have occurred right there in Fairfield 
for decades?
Anyone mention the purusha man who set himself afire in the basement of 
Marshy's home in Vlodrop? 

Anyone talking about the culture of denial that has existed for decades in the 
Movement, the ignore the problem, blame the victim for not meditating properly 
or being off the program culture? 

Until these and the other aspects of TM and TMSP links to suicide are 
addressed, the MOVEMENT is doing nothing and the TM community is still ignoring 
the problems in their entirety. Now be a good TM sycophant and deny my words 
So far it appears that the MOVEMENT's response has been to lie, deny and then 
send out a cardiologist to blabber about "Vedic psychiatry" claiming to have 
found the definitive Vedic remedies in the vedas for mental problems - yeah I 
watched the entire  video L English posted where Schneider's vedic remedies 
were listen to the patient tell you their problems, tell them to not think such 
un-sattvic thoughts, tell them to think sweet thoughts, listen to spiritual 
stuff (like the Gita or sama veda) and do TM.
What bullshit.


     From: "Share Long sharelon...@yahoo.com [FairfieldLife]" 
 To: "FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com" <FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com> 
 Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 10:37 AM
 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] FF Mental Health Alliance: Shifting Cultural 
Attitudes Subcommittee
    MJ, the REAL news is that suicide is being addressed openly in the TM 
community and has been for a few months.


     From: "Michael Jackson mjackso...@yahoo.com [FairfieldLife]" 
 To: "FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com" <FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com> 
 Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 7:54 AM
 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] FF Mental Health Alliance: Shifting Cultural 
Attitudes Subcommittee
    I've got news for you Buck - until the link between TM , TMSP practice and 
the absurd culture of Vedic everything where anything but praising TM is 
frowned upon and suicides is addressed out in the open you will NEVER get a 
handle on suicides and the mental/emotional states that lead to suicide in ANY 
Movement community.


     From: "dhamiltony...@yahoo.com [FairfieldLife]" 
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 Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 7:15 AM
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] FF Mental Health Alliance: Shifting Cultural 
Attitudes Subcommittee
    Towards ActionablePlans..

DearCommittee Members;
The focus of the next working meeting will beon implementation of the stage 
plans of the various subgroups.[currently 11.11.2014] We are now at the point 
of developing animplementation of each of the goals. Come join us. We want 
youto join us.

This is being sent this out to all so you know what theShiftingCultural 
Attitudes Subcommitteeis working on. This 'Cultural Group' is working through a 
process ofcreating a Strategic Plan so we can take all the wonderful ideas 
wehave been banging around and create an actionable plan out of them.Find 
attached an explanation of writing SMART goals and a templatefor the team 
leader to fill out for the goals your group were workingon during Tuesday 
night's meeting. When the team leader has enteredthe information into the 
actionable plan template, please forward toKen Daley for inclusion in the 
Strategic Plan.
At previous Alliance working meetings two working subgroups formed and met —the 
“MUM/MSAE” group and the “Outreach and Education” group.Those two groups met 
again last week. Thank you to everyone in thosegroups for stepping up and 
contributing in this way. Please contactyour group liaison to check on if you 
are meeting this coming week,and on what work needs to be done between the 
WritingSMART Goals
STEP1: Understandingthe nature of SMART goal writing
Thereare several variations of the mnemonic SMART.  For the purposesof our 
Mental Health Alliance exercise we will use thefollowing.
S pecific
M easurable
A ttainable
R elevant
T imeBound
Specific: Themore specific and detailed your description, the greater the 
chancesof realizing your goal. 
Measurable:In the specific statement from above you stated the outcome you 
werehunting for. Now is your chance to find measurable steps to attainyour goal.
Attainable: Calculateyour ROI (Return On Investment). Are the effort and time 
you devoteto the execution of this goal worth it?
Relevant: Willthe achievement of this goal puts you closer to your even 
largerscale goals? Is this important to our mission?
TimeBound:You need to put deadlines and a linear sequence on the tasks neededto 
reach the goal. Nothing will kill a project quicker than not beingable to see 
an end point to achieving the goal.
STEP2: WritingSMART goals
Tohelp guide you in writing SMART goals for our Mental Health StrategicPlan we 
will use the following template. After you write the goalusing the template and 
all the columns are filled out, go back toSTEP 1 and see if your goal meets the 
SMART criteria.  If yes,move on to writing more goals. If no, you know what to 
do ;-)
Workin Progress... Ifyou wish to be part of one of the othergroups that were 
listed (stillbeing developed and waiting for more people), or if you want 
tocreate a group that is not yet listed, please let us know.
-Fairfield Mental Health Alliance

FF Mental Health Alliance Tuesday, 10/28/14Working Session:

Agenda:Yes, let’s use Tuesday’s meeting to identify our specific points of 
   - We will be primarily focused on following-up on the great work that Ken 
did last week on culture and this community.
   - We will be checking in with everyone if there are other announcements or 
issues that need to be addressed.
   - We will also look at some of the website updates, as well as other 
projects that need to be addressed.
   - Other past areas that we will also address, as time permits:
   - Updates and recommendations/action steps from the groups?
   - Fairfield Mental Help website — content gathering and assembling?
   - Ideas for follow-up community meetings?
   - Progress from Mental Health First Aid meeting?
   - Any residual dissuasion from last Sundays big meeting on campus that needs 
to be addressed? 
   - What do we create now from this work?
   - Next event on, or off, campus?
   - Check in on how we’re doing on the whole. Are we headed in the right 
direction? Any course corrections needed? Any further suggestions?
   - Hear from each of the small groups on their progress.
   - See if we have enough people to form the Resources group we planned on, 
and enough professionals to form the Professionals group.
   - Meet again in small groups — since this is where the action is at this 
   - Individually check in as to what you are up to in creating a difference 
our community, and if you need any support from the rest of the group, or find 
out if you have suggestions and ideas for the rest of the group.
"Let’s do think of the most interesting, useful, practical, informative, 
behavior-and-attitude-changing topics we can." Craig
Let me know if there are any agenda items that you personally have that you 
want to develop at this meeting, please let me know. If you are not on Atrium, 
or have not been on there since last week, please log on and contribute your 
thoughts. We want to hear what you are thinking. Looking forward to seeing all 
of you again.
The FairfieldMental Health AllianceOctober5th Meeting Notes

Youasked: What did you think about (the Oct 5 meeting) last night?Lookthis has 
been about creating change and that meeting was a timelyshowing of some 
progress of change. The meeting was not theconclusive meeting but it does show 
the movement has changed some andall the people on stage help show the 
integration this is taking.  Onthe left hand of the stage as the audience 
viewed it were all thesedifferent practicing clinical professionals who also 
have integratedalternative modalities in to their practices as they are useful 
andhave basis, and then Pat on the right side clarifying and holding upthe 
movement's franchise. Pat did quite a deft job clarifying onbehalf of the 
movement and Maharishi. Afterall, it was a movementcommunity meeting. Pat is 
really quite controlled smart, homey,funny, and theatrical all at once.  I 
enjoyed watching him. It was really quite brilliant.  
This is the second meeting wherehe has spoken for our collective practical 
concern as to compassionand our working to help people solve mental health 
issues beingessentially compassionate.. [very buddhistic? ] Itwill be very 
interesting to hear when that language of compassiongets picked up, adopted and 
used by spokespersons up the chain of TMcommand. That actually is extremely 
interesting that he is changingthe inside by leading with that idea. It has 
always been said that TMis without heart, well then if it is not a trick then 
we see thismovement of the movement from the upper level around this 
wholemental health thing is showing some heart, even though it took boxingthem 
in to a corner to help them show it. This is quite a change.  Questionof course 
now is the carry-through. There is more work to do tofigure out the practical 
delivery of policy. The clinic, type ofcredentialed staffing, and how they are 
going to administrate thosetrip-wire questions on their forms. That MUM student 
who spoke in the Q and A was veryeffective at holding their feet to the fire 
once again in public. They got to come up with more compassion to show on that 
one forpeople to believe them.  Itis about showing change on their part.  
Compassion?  Theiradministrative banishing of Tom Allen was not the timely 
example ofany change there. Opps. An long-time old meditator and yes 
withcriticisms of the organization which they were soliciting to hear,but an 
apostate?  No, not then.  Hurt now? yes.  Notgreat timing for the handling of 
one of the poster persons of Fairfield Cares.    Incrementallythe meeting was 
an important meeting strategically. It will beanother step when they have the 
confidence to post the policy topoint to on their webpage.-Buckin the Dome

Okay,things change. Git ready for change. Things are changing inside TM.There 
yet are a lot of good people in TM for good reasons and theorganizational model 
and processes has changed since the demise ofthe founder. There is a lot more 
transparency and process. We'll seeif you can change around this.  -Buckon the 
Ground in Fairfield
mjackson74 wrote :The fact that they had that ['Explicative Deleted] Bob 
Schneider, a cardiologist, doing a lecture on Vedic psychiatry which was 
primarily more Movement bullshit of think sweet thoughts, don't think negative 
thoughts, read Hindoo scriptures and do TM - that says what the Movement really 
thinks and is doing about TM suicides than the community meetings they are 
participating in ONLY to save face and put on a good show until they can get 
the people suffering from depression alone to tell them its their fault, their 
karma, they just aren't pure enough yet, so more TM Siddhi practice and some 
yagyas as well as a good big fat donation to the Movement will cure them. 
salyavin808asks:So,what happened at the meeting, who said what and what are 
they goingto do about it?
DatelineFairfield, Iowa. The Oct 21st meeting? It was one in a continuation 
ofworking meetings held about mental health in the community that havebeen 
ongoing for months now most every Tuesday going under theworking banner of the 
Fairfield Mental Health Alliance. These areworking meetings of people who are 
interested in being activleyinvolved in helping with communal mental health. On 
alternatingTuesdays are working committee meetings while on the off Tuesdays 
isthe large group meeting where the committees bring their work. Thelarger 
meetings are very business like organized by agenda. A lot hasbeen done 
[accomplished in very tangible ways] over several months tofacilitate mental 
health in to the community. The meetings are opento interested people who would 
be actively involved. They are notgripe sessions where people just hate, bitch 
and complain, but workingmeetings looking for action steps to work on and 
facilitate.Different aspects have been focused on and worked on within the 
ongoing previousmeeting process. Last month before this last meeting the other 
night was the presentation anddistribution of the campus guideline for 
psychological healthtreatment. That was a historic meeting and showed the work 
of a lot of people. 
This current meeting the other night was a facilitated meeting getting down to 
the culturalthings that may underlie meditator communal mental 
health.Everything came on to the table. It was really well facilitated.  
Evidently it is now time in the process to really consider elements of our 
culture.  There were about 40 people around the room of various ages and rankin 
the community. The meeting had a cross-section representation of students, 
graduates of thewhole school system, long-term community meditators, campus 
people, andmovement leadership.  It was extremely well facilitated 
lastingwithin and hour or so such that everyone was asked to speak 
andparticipate in a series of rounds around the room where everyone wasasked by 
the facilitator who ran the meeting to respond to particular questionsin short 
and those comments were captured on whiteboard and posterboards by scribes in 
front of everyone to be kept and read throughout the meeting. Starting with a 
question something like, in only a few limited words andwithout statement what 
do you see the problem is here in thecommunity culture with mental health? 5 or 
so words. It went aroundthe room. Then once everything was on the boards in 
front ofeveryone came the next question, in a word how do you feel now about 
allthat was said? It went around the room to everyone includingmovement 
leadership. 'Hopeful' was a common comment among a range offeelings.Lastlarge 
question of the group was something like, in five words whatshould be done to 
effect change in the communal culture? Again timewas taken to go entirely 
around the room and the answers wererecorded by scribes on boards in front of 
the whole group to read.That went around the whole room and everything was said 
without comment or discussion.  It just moved around the room to everyone.  
These werepertinent action points. Inthe end of the meeting then everyone was 
asked to come forward and physically vote with a limited number of hash-marks 
to what they felt were themost important points offered in the meeting. That 
data then willsubsequently generate a report with priority for a future 
meetingabout what it might take to change the culture of the movement 
aroundmental health. It was all very open and very well done.  Communal process 
to continue,,# #Now, as the science evidently does seem to indicate do take 
some quiet time for effective transcendent meditation for the welfare of your 
mental health and go forth and havea better day. JaiGuru Dev,-Buck in the Dome

?“..the role of principle Barry hater - and you have to admire thegusto!” No,we 
all rate posts as we may read them on spectrum; from posts thatmake: 
Observations, to suggestions, to criticism, by negativity andtone, to apostasy, 
thence to active anger and hating. In reading these posts Ifeel Ann through 
reading the individual postings here simply lost some faith more in Turq by her 
better understanding of his writing and approach here after reading theLenz 
book that was posted here. It is that simple also.  I alwaysread the Turq and 
feel he has a valid perspective from having 'beenthere' at a time, by his 
contrast with spiritual experience likeFleet's, and now I feel I have an even 
better understanding of him asa critic from this recent Freddy Lenz/Rama thread 
on FFL. Context oftenis everything. 
Thatis something that is particularly good about the writing on FFL, thatit 
often can render down what is truth. Judy was very much part ofthat process 
when she was here. Ann also helps with that by virtueof her mind about things 
and by life experience as context aboutthings here. Some here have been pricks 
and Ann may be prickly towards people attimes.  Rick seems to welcome almost 
everyone contributing to therelated topics of FairfieldLife. I thank Rick for 
that. Publicforum is often one of the best checks against theocratic tyranny. 
Therewas an amazing open meeting last night in meditating Fairfield 
whereeverything was on the table in front of a bunch of the higher-up 
apparatchiks of the new TM movement. For upward pressures on the 
organizationbeing beyond theocratic control, FFL has long been a part of the 
calculus of the meditating Fairfield communal culture. Thereis a lot of change 
going on inside right now by virtue of theattention of public forum. Turq in 
his way has been part of that foryears by force of his experience, personality 
and writing. I wouldmiss him if he gets entirely hounded or completely 
embarrassed off ofthis forum. In the same way I feel it was really mean the way 
theyhounded Judy personally off this list and out of this community.Rick and 
the moderators should have stopped that before the end. Iwould hope we could 
all be kinder with one another in process. JaiGuru Dev, -Buckin the Dome 
Om, Dear MJ; under a theory that ethics is a leading economic indicator of 
organizational life, could your vitriolic level as to TM, the Maharishi and the 
meditation he promulgated and some of TM's past leadership be malleable if the 
new TM movement has changed its ethical code and behavior? Or, are you locked 
in to your feelings and opinion? Just wondering. I am seeing quite a lot of 
change [movement] in the new TM movement.  Does that kind of healthy change 
dismay your position?Kindly,-Buck



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