Thunderbird broke their link option but it appeared no longer needed on Yahoo Groups though I usually put a blank line in between.

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yes, the link worked after someone replied to you. It even looked different. But in your original post, for example, the link was not underlined.

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That's funny, the link works. The public has spoken out strongly to the FCC that they want to keep net neutrality. The tech sector didn't have much faith in the Obama administration supporting net neutrality because Tom Wheeler, the FCC chairman, is a former Comcast exec. Telecoms should be regulated as public utilities.

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Bhairitu, I've read the story now. But not when you first posted cuz the link wasn't linkable. Anyway, for myself, the topic is a good one, but I feel doubtful that Obama can help any situation at this point.

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Hmm, nothing but fisheyes on FFL. On CNET where comments rarely go above 100 their story on this now has over 1800 comments. However the story seems to have practically disappeared from Comcast owned I wonder if Obama said that breathing was good for you if the right wing whiners would stop breathing.

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Finally going to do something for the public. Good!

Let's how long it takes for the illogical whiner to whine. The right
has been arguing for net neutrality too except they aren't sure they
want it regulated like a utility but that would at least give a chance
of keeping your provider from ripping you off like a bandit. Guess some
believe they are going to win a telecom in a contest. :-D

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