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So this miserable MJ fellow is a Buddhist now. It's all starting to make sense...

He does seem to be pretty depressed and unhappy, and angry as well. Where is Dr.Pete when we need him?

However, he did not say he believes in Buddhas - he said he was practicing /Chinese Kung Foo/ - in order to tap into the energy of the /Qi//, the Pure Consciousness/, for the purpose of his own personal health, not in order to benefit others or for world peace.

Apparently he does not support the /Falun Gong/, but practices some form of government sponsored Foo, but with no sitting or Zen, like most Buddhist do. Maybe he learned the squats from photos he saw in a book. Go figure.

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    Right, his concern is not for the woman, of course.  He just
    wants to denigrate India.

    /Maybe he thinks he still has some credibility around here, but
    after the ignorant troll told us about the Kung Foo he was
    practicing for two years, I stopped even trying to reason with him. //
    //He didn't even seem to realize that Kung Fu is just like TM:
    meditation and rounding in order to tap into the pure
    consciousness energy source called Qi or Chi. Apparently he didn't
    even understand that both Hindu and Buddhist yoga come from the
    same source - South Asia.//
    And the amount of time he spends on this task appears to be
    /He also doesn't seem to understand that most of the cultural
    artifacts he criticizes about India were imported when the
    Caucasian Aryan speakers invaded India back in 1500 BC and/or the
    rape of India by the British - his own kind. Go figure.

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        Another beautiful example of sattva and wonderfulness in the
        land of the Veda.

    /Another beautiful example of prejudice: is a judgment toward
    people or a person or group based on their religion, race, place
    of birth, nationality, gender, social class, age, disability,
    sexuality, language, or other personal characteristics.

    The poor ignorant rebel probably doesn't even realize, or care,
    how prejudiced he sounds; typical SC. Go figure.


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