As a musician I really do dislike heavy handed film scores. I was taught they are to "support" the story not be a character in it. There's way too much of it in today's movies. I actually prefer films with little or no music.

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Please do not allow my excess in posting less-than-positive reviews of this film dissuade you from seeing it. It probably IS the most true-to-science scifi movie ever made. We're just picking nits.

If/when you see it, you'll get immediately what my biggest nit is -- the deus ex machina that Nolan doesn't seem to be able to do without. That said, it was a marvelous ride from start to finish, and a grand tribute to the film it was intended to be a tribute to, "2001."

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Had to have a read of that as I've no plans to see it, sounds spectacular and quite a good idea. I don't actually mind if sciencey things don't make 100% sense, I wouldn't be such a Star Trek fan if I did - you wouldn't see photon torpedoes for instance - so I'd probably enjoy it.

What's stopped me was the memory of /Inception /and it's non-sensical deux ex machina that dreams within dreams run at a slower pace the more of them there are. As soon as they said that I knew that the plot would rely heavily on it. Bit too convenient, my enthusiasm waned the longer it went on which is probably the opposite effect to the one they wanted.

Wormholes around black holes are cool though, and theoretically possible but a lot of arguing goes on about what you could actually do with them, time travel is allegedly possible as long as you aren't expecting to go back further than the age of the wormhole. Hawking claims that entering the wormhole would cause it to collapse in the usual quantum interference way, but others think you could hold it open with the right technology. The tricky bit is finding a spinning black hole in the first place and getting close enough to find a wormhole without getting stretched to oblivion.

I'm tempted to see what they make of that concept.

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I am still fairly positive about the movie, although I can definitely see all the things this reviewer bitches about, and even agree with them, at least partly. Especially the "unbelievable women characters" bits.

But I pass it along for its first line. You just gotta love a review that starts, "In space, no one can hear you facepalm." That would make me want to see the movie, if I hadn't already. :-)

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