You've got a point.  That's probably why polygamy is not legal in the US.  But 
the country's mores are changing quickly given the fact that gay marriage is 
now acceptable and legal.  We'll just have to wait and see what else is next.

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 It may be legal in the country where you live.  But it's still technically 
illegal to practice polygamy in the USA.  From what I understand, there are 
parts of Utah where the authorities do not enforce the law even though they 
know the people who are living in a polygamous household.

 These  assholes who own multiple wives in these fundamentalist communities 
should be kicked in the nuts. I have no patience for these guys. They're all 
high and mighty religious and holier than thou and at the same time lording it 
over the barefoot and pregnant.

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 Why do you associate polygamy with "multiple wives?" The actual definition of 
the word is a marriage with multiple partners. Why not multiple husbands for 
one wife, or just multiple partners, period?

 As for "challenging the prohibition," you're still stuck in American Puritan 
mode. Polyamorous marriage is practiced (and legal) in many countries 


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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] LDS Joseph Smith had 40 Wives
   If this was possible during his time, will it become legal again to have 
plural wives now?  With the acceptance of gay marriage, IMO it would soon be 
possible for people to challenge the prohibition of polygamy in the USA.  What 
do you think?



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