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 Of course whether or not you will be rich is ALSO dependent on your horoscope. 
 It is also possible to be rich in one planetary period then lose it all in the 
next!  Astrologers who make money from the rich consulting them may be able to 
charge well but it may not make them millionaires, especially if being rich is 
not in their chart.
So you're saying that if there was a way of making money from the stock market 
via astrology - John's claim - your own chart could prevent it working? This 
makes less sense the further we get into it. Either you can predict the 
performance of the market or you can't and it all comes down to the individual.

 But if the latter is the case, all an investor with a "poor" chart would have 
to do to thwart the bad karma would be to find someone with a "rich" chart and 
borrow their advice or get them to invest on their behalf. If the universe has 
a fail-safe mechanism that prevents people doing this it makes the whole thing 
easily testable because all you need is people with both types of chart and get 
them to invest in the same things. They either get the same results or they 
don't and reality has a lot of explaining to do. Astrological falsifiability.

 Still think that Karma is unfathomable?

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 IMO, there are several astrologers who are making money as consultants to 
millionaires and billionaires in the world.  But ideally jyotish was created to 
bring light and clarity to those who are in need of spiritual guidance.  It was 
not intended to make people super rich.

 Accuracy in predictions is dependent on the knowledge of the jyotishi and the 
intuitive guidance from the unified field.
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 IF any of this shit was real every astrologer in the world would be a 
multi-millionaire from doing charts for the various economic trends and would 
no longer need to do jyotish - the fact that most astrologers make their money 
of gullible and hopeful marks is a good indication of how much froo froo this 

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 According to those "in the know" the global stock market crash, which forever 
will change the worlds economy, will occur first not in the USA but Japan and 
spread from there. Therefore an analysis based on the Japanese chart would be 
more useful.
 I wish you guys would make up your minds, I'm trying to get rich here!
 Anybody who gives me a sure-fire tip gets 20%. But then if astrology worked 
you guys would all be millionaires already.....
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 I can give you the time indicators using the US national chart, which more 
likely would affect the world economy.  You can make adjustments to these 
indicators using other economic models that you may be using.  

 At this time, Rahu is in close conjunction with the natal Saturn in Virgo.  
This conjunction has caused the US to get involved in stopping the advance of 
ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  Thus, we are still bombing several areas in these 
countries today and for some months to come.

 This conjunction is obviously bringing good revenues for corporations who are 
producing bombs and ammunition for the US military.  But the conjunction is 
causing instability of the overall economy and the American stock market.

 Starting in December, 2014, Rahu will be farther away from Saturn by about one 
navamsa.  Thus, the stock market may be more stable for investment purposes.   
This relatively stable period will last for about a year and a half.

 When Rahu meets the transit of Jupiter, there will again be an event that will 
disrupt the economy for a few months. 


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 I feel like I can now be a consultant to these corporations for healthy 
living. My qualifications are as follows: 

 -- knowledge of meditation.

 -- mastery of a few licks in my conga drums.

 -- and, practical knowledge of jyotish for diagnosing health issues,      
     analyzing compatibility for marriages/business partnerships, and 
     predicting economic cycles.  

 Can you make some predictions for next week so we can compare them against the 
actual outcomes?

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 They don't need bongo drums, just pound their empty heads instead.
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   Merril Lynch is encouraging alternative lifestyle, which includes meditation 
and bongo drum playing, for its employees.  I wouldn't be surprised if the TMO 
has become involved in this new wave for corporate existence.




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