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And why the drop? The article mentions the United States having the highest 
rate of imprisonment in the world; an aging population; increased use of 
security cameras; and the pervasive use of  mobile phones to take videos. 
(Some experts have claimed the rise in abortion has reduced numbers being born 
into the underclass.)

Though your link is to an official TMO site I see it doesn't specifically 
mention the "Maharishi Effect". Perhaps they don't need to as they expect their 
readers to automatically attribute any good news to greater coherence thanks to 
the TM-sidhi program.

They do indeed. I had all this explained to me by a "raja": If there are people 
meditating and something good happens then it's our "coherence" creating 
"bubbles of positivity in the unified field"

If negative things happen then it just shows how far we have to go in our 
struggle against man's karma and collective consciousness.

Funny thing is, the dome numbers seem to have fallen in line with the decrease 
in crime. They like it when it goes up during big courses because they can 
claim it's caused by unstressing in collective consciousness. Unless it goes 
down, in which case it's caused by increased coherence. But a direct contrary 
result is trickier to explain.

It's almost like the dome numbers can go up or down without having any actual 
effect whatsoever, it's pure randomness that you can attach meaning to later. 
And the fact it's impossible to predict what will happen means it can't be 
tested, which makes me wonder what they've done to get the claimed strong 
correlation they have with the ME research. 

I get why people are keen to see the raw data!

I can see why the TM "researchers" are so desperate never to release it.  :-)

What I *can't* see is how anyone can still be so gullible after so many years 
of failure to actually *believe* that there is such a thing as the ME, enough 
to want to "research" it. This strikes me as even more pathetic than those who 
are running around still trying to "prove" that climate change isn't real. 

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. violent crimes including murders fell 4.4 percent 
in 2013 to their lowest number since the 1970s, continuing a decades-long 
downturn, the FBI said on Monday.
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