Yes! That is incredible - incomprehensible, really - not like they had an 
advance team, to grade, pave, and light the landing strip, on a damned 
*comet*!! I'll bet whoever first proposed it, was looked at sideways for 
awhile, until it became feasible. Ungainly, like so many of our space craft, 
the lander looks like a school bus, with a tripod on the front - I wonder what 
the aliens think of that - probably making smug references to a used car lot, 
from their shiny silver disks -

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 What an amazing mission - whether ordained or random, I am in awe of the 
orbital mechanics that had to be comprehended, and calculated, for this to 
occur. There are no straight lines in space, particularly when always lifting 
off a spinning, orbiting planet.

 Yes, it's quite an achievement to land something the size of a fridge freezer 
onto a spinning object half a billion miles away that's only about 5 miles 

 A fine days work...

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 Taken by the Rosetta orbiter, the lander Philae on its way to land on a comet 
510,000,000 km away out beyond Mars.



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