It turns out that the comet is singing a mysterious tune.  Is it a message from 
ETs somewhere? 

 Mystery signal from Rosetta comet confirmed by European Space Agency
 Mystery signal from Rosetta comet confirmed by Europe...
 The European Space Agency (ESA) today confirmed that it was receiving a 
mysterious signal from Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
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 What an amazing mission - whether ordained or random, I am in awe of the 
orbital mechanics that had to be comprehended, and calculated, for this to 
occur. There are no straight lines in space, particularly when always lifting 
off a spinning, orbiting planet.

 Yes, it's quite an achievement to land something the size of a fridge freezer 
onto a spinning object half a billion miles away that's only about 5 miles 

 A fine days work...

 No kidding. I was thinking that if humans can achieve something like that then 
there is no excuse for all the really, really stupid things they do back here 
on Earth.

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 Taken by the Rosetta orbiter, the lander Philae on its way to land on a comet 
510,000,000 km away out beyond Mars.



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