Yes very valid point, Fleetwood in experience.  Evolving gradients of 
transformational field effect in reality. Is one thing (CC) as for your self 
and then to another level ascending towards spiritual trans-formative affect in 
well-being with others whence Being rises to being saintly in field effect. Is 
a wonderfully human spiritual sociology and worthy to aspire towards in a 

 fleetwood_macncheese wrote :
 "I don't think of CC as enlightened...". Yes, kind of a grand experiment going 
on these days - The old descriptions of enlightenment, based on cognition, and 
perfection of the sidhis, by those living a monastic lifestyle, needs to be 
updated. As critical and necessary, as the vast knowledge encompassed by the 
Veda, and the science of Yoga, is, so too, is the necessity to merge such a 
delicate and powerful science, with everyday life, how most of us live.  Unlike 
those great saints who dwelt in caves, investing silence, into silence, our 
investments in the world, as householders, are all about people, and 
relationships. CC is a great benchmark, but being surrounded by relationships 
with others, UC becomes a requirement, a means to make life easier, the 
unlocking and fulfillment of Maharishi's goal of world peace, begun at the 
level of the individual (CC), but finding its joy in perfect relationships, 
with everyone (UC).
 Thanks for bringing that up - I've been thinking off and on, about what 
enlightenment means, if we aren't focused on cognizing the Veda, and perfecting 
the sidhis, in a cave. I think it means having perfect relationships with 
ourselves, and those around us, sentient or not. Conversely, these days, 
expanding the consciousness to CC, means very little, if we cannot fulfill our 
role in the world around us.
 PS This is what I meant a few months ago, when I wrote, "UC sucks" - lol - a 
description of its influence on us, upward and outward, vs. a subjective 
description of the SOC - my little joke.
---In, <sharelong60@...> wrote :

 Lawson, what I realized reading your reply is that I don't think of CC as 
enlightened! I guess it's all relative. As for what an enlightened person is 
like, meaning, someone in UC or BC, I think of Nisargadatta smoking and selling 
all those cigarettes and all I can say is: go figger!


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   Well, research on TM enlightened people is still in its infancy.

 If you take MMY's words at their most simple, he's saying that enlightened 
people are the most rigid people in teh world and can never change.

 Seeing how stress tends to make people more rigid, and less stress tends to 
make them less rigid, I don't think that MMY's words are being interpreted 
exactly the way he meant them.

 If he DID mean them the way everyone is hearing them, then perhaps he was 
wrong  -speaking about people living in isolated caves and monastic communities 
as though they are what everyone is like who is enlightened.

 Unlike many hear, I don't believe that enlightened people are perfect. They 
are lower-stressed and therefore less likely to make mistakes due to being 
lower stress, but not some font of perfect knowledge that can never be 
challenged or corrected.



---In, <> wrote :

 Sounds like MMY, Share......
---In, <sharelong60@...> wrote :

 wgm, I heard from a TM teacher friend that Maharishi once said that if you 
have any habits you want to change, good to do so before CC. Because after CC, 
you'll simply witness them!


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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: A Scientist Reviews Three Types of Meditation
   Dr. Johnson says-"The TM technique allows your mind to easily and 
effortlessly settle inward, through quieter levels of thought, until you 
experience the most silent and peaceful level of your own awareness—pure 

I say-Yes, this is *eventually* true, but in practice it takes many years of 
dedicated practice to achieve this (pure consciousness) and some say even 
lifetimes of practice.

So what MMY teaches is correct, only, the devil (time) is in the details which 
MMY conveniently left out or perhaps didn't know himself. He apparently thought 
after a few years of TM all of your vices would magically disappear and your 
didn't even have to try to get rid of them......what a joke!




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