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 Here is the sound.  Can anyone figure it out?

 Apparently if you play it backwards you can faintly hear the words "Do not 
land, or we will be forced to destroy your puny planet". Whatever that might 

What I can't understand is someone so addicted to New Age garbage and 
weak-minded thinking that, faced with two of the greatest achievements in the 
history of man (the Mars lander and this comet lander), they're looking for 
something more Woo Woo to focus and obsess on. 

People like JohnR and Nabby just leave me astonished. What *happened* to them 
that makes them think (or, more accurately, NOT think) the way they do? You 
would think that they'd be *embarrassed* to show people the ways that their 
minds work (or fail to), but they actually seem to be proud of it.  

I think I get where it comes from, I briefly suffered from this need to make 
more out of the world than there is when I was a kid and was exploring the 
world outside of me seriously for the first time. I remember it as being like 
discovering secret knowledge that the stuffy establishment were too blind to 
see, or something that linked in more with the sci-fi I loved than the BBC 
documentaries provided. 

 We could call it "Erich Von Daniken syndrome", because it was his books I 
found in the library that really made me wonder about these alleged esoteric 
truths. It had to be true or they wouldn't publish it, right? But he did travel 
to amazing places and got me hooked on the ancient world even though everything 
he said was total nonsense, as I found out from learning how proper 
archaeologists go about their work.

 Crop circles did me a big favour too because it was photo on the front of the 
Fortean Times magazine that made me buy it and that's what started a somewhat 
more realistic approach because they would actually look at weird things 
objectively to see if they were true.

 This Examiner website does John no favours, they don't seem to have any brake 
on finding things out before they leap to the fantastical as they have no 
scientific way of evaluating and grading quality of evidence. I think it spoils 
the sense of wonder and that's a shame.

JohnR and Nabby are perpetual VICTIMS to sites like the Examiner or YouTube 
because they *cater* to people like them -- guys who have never had anything 
going for them but who are desperate to be perceived as being "special" or 
"knowing things" that others do not. It's like these sites they repost articles 
from have a big, blinking neon sign that only losers can see that says, in big 

Also, one of the things I've noticed in non-FFL, non-TM former friends of mine 
who have gone all Newage (rhymes with sewage) and WooWoo themselves is that 
they tend to only talk to people like themselves. That is, those whose minds 
are so weak that they'd actually be *impressed* by the kinds of things they 
post. They repost articles claiming that the guvmint knows that aliens exist 
and are hiding the truth about it because they're used to getting replies from 
idiots like themselves who say, "Oh...YOU know the truth about this, too? Good 
for you. Aren't we so SPECIAL? Aren't we so much BETTER than those who don't 
know this stuff?" 

What they don't seem to realize is that their more sensible friends stopped 
reading what they post and stopped replying to them years ago. The only 
"followers" they have left on FB or wherever are people who are just as whacked 
out as they are. 

I had to give up with FB sites like "Mind unleashed" or "the open mind" because 
they post such absolute drivel on a daily basis that I felt duty bound to try 
and stem the tide with a bit of reasoned argument. Trouble was everyone else 
who subscribed to them tried to correct me and every time I logged on I'd have 
to clear 20,000 posts from indignant True Believers "how do you know atlantis 
didn't rise again in the year 2000? They might have hushed it up" etc

 One of the promises of the internet was the democratisation of knowledge, but 
without an editor any site can be seen as being of equal value to good ones. 
Couple that with the willingness to believe and it's a recipe for disaster. 
There's probably millions going around believing that reincarnation is true, 
people are telepathic, quantum physics has proved the world is an illusion, and 
that's just from this mornings!


 But what's annoying is that it's often based on decent research that's been 
twisted to increase the woo woo. I wish someone had thought to do a study on 
the prevalence of magical thinking both before and after the invention of the 
web. It might be interesting to see how bad ideas propagate. But then maybe 
they'll have the same effect as Erich Von Daniken had on me and they'll get 
more into things and find out where the space cadet crowd went wrong. I live on 

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