Oh, that Barry would back up what he says in this first paragraph. 

 Not gonna happen, I'm afraid.  Just a bunch of bluster.

  Can't you just hear the indignation rising in this tone?

 Wish I had more time to reply, but gotta go.

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

 I can easily produce dozens of former TM teachers who can attest to having 
been trained to badmouth "competing" meditation techniques and traditions while 
on their TM Teacher Training courses. That's not "absolute proof," of course, 
but allow me to demonstrate. If you hear the "concentration" in the context of 
meditation and immediately think "forced" or "unnatural" or "contrary to the 
natural tendency of the mind" or "causes headaches," those are examples of the 
putdown phrases we were trained to teach. The very fact that you associate them 
with the word "concentration" shows that they *were* taught, and that people 
like you actually believed them. 


 Compare and contrast to the claim that someone was a CIA agent, just because 
Maharishi assumed he or she was. That's just a claim. Nabby has accused ME and 
Rick of working for the CIA. Was that true? Can he prove it? Well, Maharishi 
did the same thing. His paranoia got the better of him and he just freaked out 
and picked some poor schmuck and let loose on him, almost certainly without 


 But, because almost all of the people in the room were as brainwashed as you 
were, Share, they just believed it, and now repeat it as if it were true. Just 
as you are doing.


 The fascinating thing is that you're jumping through hoops again, trying to 
-- that he often *was* quite negative when talking about people or 
organizations he considered his "competitors" or "against him" (because he was 
so certifiably paranoid). And that he often "entertained" these negative 
obsessions of his for YEARS, as he did with the "Scorpion nation" thang and 
with his putdowns of prominent disciples who walked out on him. 


 All you're doing is demonstrating how little you actually knew the man you're 
still brainwashed enough to feel compelled to defend. 


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Maharishi on Not Speaking Ill of Others + 
Finding Something Good in Others and Talking about that Good
   What is "absolute proof" in this context? Are you offering "absolute proof" 
about what Maharishi said on TTC about other systems?


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Finding Something Good in Others and Talking about that Good
 There has never BEEN a "CIA guy," Share. 


 If Maharishi freaked out and screamed at someone, that was his paranoia acting 
itself out, not anything else. Any claim to the contrary unaccompanied by 
absolute proof is just the self importance of cultists acting *itself* out.


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Maharishi on Not Speaking Ill of Others + 
Finding Something Good in Others and Talking about that Good
   The only time I saw something like this was when Maharishi confronted the 
CIA guy.


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Maharishi on Not Speaking Ill of Others + 
Finding Something Good in Others and Talking about that Good

 You never became a TM teacher then, Share. If you had, you would have spent 
several weeks memorizing insulting, put-down one-liners to use whenever any 
other "competing" technique of meditation in the world was mentioned. (Almost 
all of them untrue, BTW.)


 How many YEARS did Maharishi "wallow in" his "Scorpion nation" fixation? And 
his anti-US, anti-capitalism "Damn democracy" rants? He must have been pretty 
"entertained" by these obsessions of his to keep repeating them as long as he 

 I repeat -- MMY was at best a hypocrite, and at worst, insane. (Although, of 
course, he could easily have been both.)



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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Maharishi on Not Speaking Ill of Others + 
Finding Something Good in Others and Talking about that Good
   One key word: entertain. Which in this context means to dwell on, to wallow 
in, even to take delight in, negativity. Plus, I never heard Maharishi speak 
about other spiritual paths.


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Maharishi on Not Speaking Ill of Others + 
Finding Something Good in Others and Talking about that Good
 Two words: "Scorpion nation." Five more: "George Bush is a rakshasa." 


 You obviously never saw Maharishi in person nor listened to any of his tapes 
if you believe for an instant that he practiced what he preached about "never 
entertaining negativity." That was NEVER true -- even as far back as Squaw 
Valley 1968 he couldn't talk about a "competing" spiritual teaching or practice 
without dumping on its teachers and everything about it. 


 Saner persons than you would have looked at this and realized long ago that in 
Maharishi they were dealing with at best a hypocrite and at worst an insane 
person. Yet you still seem to consider him some sort of expert. Can you explain 
to us why you think this? Could it possibly be that the memories of him you're 
trying to hard to protect do not have and have never had anything to do with 


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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Maharishi on Not Speaking Ill of Others + Finding 
Something Good in Others and Talking about that Good
   So evidently spiritually speaking what Maharishi is saying here is that if 
one entertains a negativity then one commits a negativity on the subtle. One 
may even take on the energetics in the subtle. Negativity in form then it seems 
is like an entity lodging in the system spiritually. Like a stress snag, an 
entity, like some would call a thought-form, energetically stuck in the fabric 
of the subtle system. There is proly some truth to that. -Buck

 Dear FFL, 
 Culturally this particular post below attempting to clarify Maharishi's 
teaching on negativity is really important. It did not just show up here. 
 And so accordingly, evidently these TM apostates here like MJ, Turqb, CDB here 
having divorced themselves from things TM are trying to protect what they may 
well think is their spiritual lives from what they had experienced as a culture 
of ethical negativity that was TM, so they seem to say. But yet as these guys 
wallow in their stories even years later does this not continue to bring on 
them their own negativity. Quite evidently according to what Maharishi is 
teaching here their own loops in negativity are not really good for these guys. 
It would be more better if they should be silent about these things of their 
past and not just keep dredging it up. They really should stop all this 
negativity for their own good and quite possibly also a larger collective good 
of everyone. Om, strike that last comment about the larger collective good for 
it seems that Maharishi actually was not talking about collective good or 
organizations in these early discourse but more specifically individual 
spiritual systems. I do hope that their apostate subtle systems may recover in 
field effect and come to some equanimity around their own individual time in TM.

 Maharishi on Negativity:





---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dickmays@...> wrote :

 Maharishi on Not Speaking Ill of Others

Don't Speak Ill, Remain Pure, 1964
Everyone has to discharge one's duty towards himself and towards spreading of 
this meditation in whatever capacity one can. And never undermine any other's 
attempt or desires in whatever humble way it may be.
One thing of very great importance: that now when you have been meditating for 
some time, purity has grown in life quite a lot. As the mind gains more and 
more of the Being, mind becomes more and more pure.
But one thing which you have to be very cautious about is that you don't think 
evil of anyone, don't speak ill of anyone. Otherwise speaking ill and thinking 
ill of someone, dwelling on the weaknesses of someone, all their bad qualities 
come to your heart; [this way] you get your heart and mind spoiled.
So when through meditation, purity is growing in life, we don't invite this mud 
from outside to make us impure anymore. We have to be cautious against our 
thoughts that we don't think ill of anyone, and we don't do ill to anyone 
Speaking ill of others is a very bad.... We say it makes the cloth dirty, makes 
the whole personality very dirty and impure. That we have to guard against in 
our dealings and feelings with people. Very important; very, very important.  
It is as important as daily practice of meditation.
In the olden days in India, there was a practice that if some man did some 
great sin, then the way to repent it was that he would cover his body with a 
cloth like that and will go to any village. Standing out of the village, he 
would shout out: my name is such and such, and I come from that village, and I 
happened to be doing like that and like that and like that. He would just 
announce it and go ahead, and keep on announcing from village to village.
And the effect was: all the people who heard him, if in their evening meetings 
with their fellow men, they talk about that, then the contention is that they 
partake of his sin and after some time he becomes pure. Just by talking about 
the sinner, the people who talk about him share his sin.
This is very dangerous. Someone has done something wrong and if we dwell on 
that and talk it over with someone, we have been affected by that sin and we 
spread that sin; we partake of his sin and take it upon us.
Anyone who has done any mistake there or there or there, we just don't speak of 
it.  Otherwise we will only be shrouding ourselves with the sins of others. 
Very important, especially now when through this Transcendental Meditation we 
are making ourselves more and more full with Being, means more and more full 
with purity, then we have to guard against this thing which is very dangerous.
No one thinks that if I am talking ill of someone, then no one thinks that I am 
taking over his sin. It is a common practice in the world to simply talk 
something wrong done by others. It is just very harmful for us.
Question (inaudible, about newspaper writers?)
They do a great service as far as amending of the wrong is concerned, but as 
far as partaking of his sin is concerned, they do partake. They help the sinner 
by spreading the news about him and everybody talks about him, and then all of 
them partake of the sins. As far as partaking of the sin is concerned, that is 
helpful for the sinner.
In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna said to Arjuna at one point [Gita 9:1, see 
below] that I am giving you this most secret wisdom because, one condition out 
of many that He said was, that you never speak ill of others (anasuya). That is 
you don't speak ill of others, for this quality in you I think you deserve this 
wisdom, so I give this wisdom to you. Just this quality of not speaking ill of 
Out of my own experience, I tell you, in the ashram of my Guru Dev, there were 
100s of people, all good disciples. And everyone after all is a human being. No 
aspirant is ever perfect. They come to the feet of the master for that 
perfection. So everyone has his own failing there and there and there. I had my 
own failings, I never knew what were they, but must be because no human is ever 
One thing I was famous about is that I will not speak ill of anyone. I would 
always cherish a hope of his becoming better sooner or later. I would always 
cherish a hope.
If someone says: that man has done like that and such a bad man. [I would say:] 
“Now that he is in the ashram he will improve.” Always I cherish a hope against 
all the wrongs done by all the people.
And the effect that you find today is all this world Movement to bring peace to 
every man all around the world; it is a very great thing in the long history of 
the world. This great force of purity and strength for spiritual regeneration 
of entire mankind, no  surprise [that it] is based on the faculty of mind that 
will not cherish into the wrongs of others.
Bhagavad  Gita 9:1
The Blessed Lord said:
Now I shall fully declare to you, who do not cavil, this the greatest secret, 
the knowledge combined with the experience, having known which you will be 
freed from evil.
Quote from Upanishads, which was used in Vedic Atom Pledge (1980)
Let us be together,
Let us eat together,
Let us be vital together,
Let us be radiating truth, radiating the light of life,
Never shall we denounce anyone, never entertain negativity.


Maharishi on the best principle in life is to find something good in others and 
talk about that good

"Always we take a good attitude about a thing. Any situation we try to mean 
well. In our heart, in our mind we just take a good aspect of it. Taking like 
that a few times, we develop a habit of taking the best out of the thing, 
taking the best out of the situation, making the best out of the situation. 
Otherwise, it is very easy for us to become so critical: 'That is also not 
right,' 'This is also bad,' 'No good,' 'No, no, no.' Everywhere 'no' and 'no,' 
and the whole social behavior gets into a muddle.
Because if that attitude becomes a habit, then no matter what comes to us -- 
'That is no good' -- we will find a negative aspect and condemn it for that 
instead of locating a beautiful, good, positive point and accepting it for that.
Always we look upon something due to which we can love that thing, that object, 
that situation. Always. Because if someone is a bad man, at least we should 
save our heart and our mind by not thinking of the evil doings of his. We will 
pick up some one good point in him and then admire him for that one good point. 
We don't mind the other dark side of him.
Because if we think of the dark side, we are putting the dark shadow in our 
heart and mind. If someone is dark, why should we put their dark shadow in our 
heart and mind by thinking about it? He has done something wrong. Why by 
thinking of his wrong should we allow that wrong to occupy our heart and mind 
and muddle our life?
And therefore, the best principle in life is: Find out something good in him 
and talk of that good, that's all. Otherwise, it's very easy when two people 
sit and talk about it, 'Look at that, that man, that, that, that.' [Audience 
laughter] Without any reason we bring the bad shadows in our heart and mind. 
It's lack of skill in viewing things, in commenting on things. 

Always we pick up a good point. We feel good about it. If we speak, we radiate 
good in the hearts of others. It's very, very necessary that particularly, 
particularly with those who are dear to you, when you sit together with them 
alone, always talk of some good things here and some good things there and some 
good things here. Then the meeting is of a very, very valuable, beneficial 
If you sit together and think of that man like that and that man like that, 
[it's a] waste of life. That meeting is a waste. Never with your friends, with 
your near ones, with your dear ones do we talk of something negative. Because 
so many millions of things are there for us to talk [about], why focus on that 
one [negative] point and unnecessarily make ourself miserable and make that man 
miserable with whom we are talking?
It's very important that we inculcate a habit of looking at the good points of 
others. And it's very easy to do so particularly when we are meditating and we 
have more ability to forgive others."

 ~Squaw Valley, USA -- August 21, 1968 -- Audiotape~






 Jai Guru Dev















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