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 This idea is similar to the plot in the Da Vinci Code novel.  That leaves the 
people to ask: who were the descendants of Jesus and Mary, and where are they 

 Also, the involvement of Mary Magdalene as "co-messiah" would completely 
change the present Christian theology.  As such, I believe the orthodoxy would 
completely reject the validity of the manuscript.

 Absolutely. First, I think many Christians like the idea of Jesus as some sort 
of asexual virgin, second, I am pretty sure they wouldn't like the idea of a 
WOMAN as messiah or anyone near the same import as Jesus Christ. I mean, it's 
okay for a woman (Mary) to have given physical birth to Jesus but not if she 
had others powers to boot. The mere idea of Mary Magdalene being not only a sex 
partner of Jesus' but having status near Godly is reason to have relegated her 
to a foot washing ex prostitute for all these years.

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 Mary Magdalene was a "co-messiah", the wife of Jesus and the mother of his 
children, according to a translation of an ancient manuscript.

 http://tinyurl.com/mhb2j8b http://tinyurl.com/mhb2j8b


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