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The power of the feminine is recognized in Christianity.  The Catholic Church 
considers the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God and the Queen of Heaven.  What 
else do you want?

Female Bishops?

The ability to make their own decisions about matters that relate to their own 
bodies, without being damned to Hell for it by men who pretend to be celibate 
while buttfucking young altar boys? 

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This idea is similar to the plot in the Da Vinci Code novel.  That leaves the 
people to ask: who were the descendants of Jesus and Mary, and where are they 

Also, the involvement of Mary Magdalene as "co-messiah" would completely change 
the present Christian theology.  As such, I believe the orthodoxy would 
completely reject the validity of the manuscript.

Absolutely. First, I think many Christians like the idea of Jesus as some sort 
of asexual virgin, second, I am pretty sure they wouldn't like the idea of a 
WOMAN as messiah or anyone near the same import as Jesus Christ. I mean, it's 
okay for a woman (Mary) to have given physical birth to Jesus but not if she 
had others powers to boot. The mere idea of Mary Magdalene being not only a sex 
partner of Jesus' but having status near Godly is reason to have relegated her 
to a foot washing ex prostitute for all these years.

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Mary Magdalene was a "co-messiah", the wife of Jesus and the mother of his 
children, according to a translation of an ancient manuscript.

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