From what I've seen, Catholic women are having sex and children.  So, what's 
wrong with that?

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 John, imo the problem with the Virgin Mary is that by being both a virgin and 
a mother, she is used to denigrate feminine sexuality. Not healthy, to say the 

 A cool book I read about Mary stated that she and her parents were Essenes.


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 We should all keep a close eye on what Pope Francis is saying these days.  
Some reporters have stated that Pope Francis believes the Virgin Mary is equal 
to God and that Jesus has been demoted.  If true, that would really shake all 
of the Christian Churches.

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 Richard and John, imo, what we're seeing now is patriarchal spirituality in 
its death throes and the re emergence of the feminine divine as co creator. 


 Plus which there may have been another Mary, one who was a prostitute. Or 
maybe these various Marys, virgin, wife and prostitute are aspects of the 
collective psyche.


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   This idea is similar to the plot in the Da Vinci Code novel.  

  For nearly 2,000 years, Mary Magdalene was believed to be a prostitute who 
repented and became a disciple of Jesus, but, the truth about her is finally 
emerging. She was almost certainly not a prostitute, but a wealthy woman whose 
support helped early Christianity to survive. 
 Mary Magdalene could have been Jesus' concubine or even his wife. The Bible 
doesn't say what her realtionship was with Jesus except that she was a devoted 
follower and supporter. The early Gnostic Gospels have no hesitation describing 
the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus.
 The death of Jesus could have been a plot to deceive the authorities. Maybe it 
was a robber that was hung on the cross and maybe Jesus escaped with Mary to go 
live in France. Go figure. 
 Read more:
 'Venus in Sackcloth'
 by Marjorie Malvern
 Penguin, 1995
 That leaves the people to ask: who were the descendants of Jesus and Mary, and 
where are they now?

 Also, the involvement of Mary Magdalene as "co-messiah" would completely 
change the present Christian theology.  As such, I believe the orthodoxy would 
completely reject the validity of the manuscript.
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 Mary Magdalene was a "co-messiah", the wife of Jesus and the mother of his 
children, according to a translation of an ancient manuscript.





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