What Nabby is describing is called retinal fatique, prolonged staring at an 
object without the eyes moving exhausts the chemistry in the retina responsible 
for the detection of light. If when this happens and you look away at a light 
surface, you see a negative image, colours reversed that persists for a while 
(after image) while the chemistry refreshes. The eyes also do not remain 
completely still but naturally saccade, which partially helps to prevent 
retinal fatigue when one is not deliberately staring at something, which 
reduces but does not eliminate the saccade. Because of the scacade, the after 
image formed by staring does not perfectly line up with the object which can 
account for edge effects around the object viewed. 

 I suppose this could be mistaken for some kind of 'spiritual' experience by 
the uninitiated, but it is just 'looking at something'. Spiritual experiences 
are just artefacts of the nervous system releasing prior conditioned responses 
and a person feels, for a while, clearer, freer etc., but eventually realises 
or rather actually accommodates to the new clearer, freer experience which then 
just seems normal, everyday. Eventually a realisation comes that the only thing 
that exists is normal everyday experience, minus certain ideas about what 
normal everyday experience is. You just live it, you do not think about what it 
is supposed to be.

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 You realize, do you not, that you have just described yourself in a way that 
any psychiatrist in the world would diagnose as psychotic. 


 When most people look at another person for a short time, the other person 
does not "disappear." 


 Have you considered just having your vision checked?  :-)

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 "If you look into anything deeply enough, jr, it resolves into consciousness, 
literally. Try it"
 You don't even have to look very deeply. Looking at a person for some short 
time will make him disappear leaving a light, often golden or blue. In my 
experience the more evolved a person the quicker he disolves and the more 
interesting the light he leaves behind. And like you say it can be anything, 
only it takes a little longer for an ordinary object than humans to resolve. 

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