Nabs, you do have a point.   

 Barry doesn't seem to have much tolerance for those who don't see the world as 
he does.

 But this little site, of about 12 active participants appears to be the clam 
that is a major part of his world.

 And he regularly pounds his shoe on the podium.

 Go figure.

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 A comment to be expected from the Turq. We all know that psychiatric wards are 
full of people being treated with psychofarma for having glimpses of higher 
states of consciousness they are not able to integrate in daily life. 
Experiences any real Sadhana will also give. The reason the Turq doesn't 
understand this is because he is a quitter that never did any Sadhana for any 
length of time in his entire life, instead choosing to live in a fantasy world 
believing his guru is "respected and welcomed by heads of state everywhere". 
I'm sure there is a diagnosis for such fantasies as well.

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 You realize, do you not, that you have just described yourself in a way that 
any psychiatrist in the world would diagnose as psychotic. 


 When most people look at another person for a short time, the other person 
does not "disappear." 


 Have you considered just having your vision checked?  :-)

 From: nablusoss1008 <>
 Sent: Friday, November 14, 2014 11:25 AM
 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Non-biological Intelligence
 "If you look into anything deeply enough, jr, it resolves into consciousness, 
literally. Try it"
 You don't even have to look very deeply. Looking at a person for some short 
time will make him disappear leaving a light, often golden or blue. In my 
experience the more evolved a person the quicker he disolves and the more 
interesting the light he leaves behind. And like you say it can be anything, 
only it takes a little longer for an ordinary object than humans to resolve. 

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