yep, this is what Maharishi would probably call, "normalization of the 
eyesight". Once the link from pure Being to activity is realized, through the 
TMSP, all the senses begin to purify, resolving their ability to bring to 
consciousness, the entire spectrum of experience, of every sense, from the 
grossest physical manifestation, through the subtle layers, on to pure 
awareness. The eyes go first, and then the other senses, so that, after first 
experiencing the link between pure awareness and any sense, all the rest gets 
filled in, so to speak. What you describe is energetic sight, and there are 
many other ways of using the vision, also (incorporating time and space travel, 
going inside the body, investigating other non-physical realms of existence, 
and developing relationships there, etc.).  This investigation is brought about 
by having the ability to uncover the entire spectrum of the senses, in a 
methodical way, taking it out of the realm of the mystical, and instead, as a 
manifestation of the science of Yoga; Union. The heart is what leads the way, 
and the rest follows. After the eyes naturally resolve every object into pure 
awareness, the other senses follow, so that we smell pure awareness, touch it, 
taste it, and hear pure awareness. Thanks for sharing this.

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 "If you look into anything deeply enough, jr, it resolves into consciousness, 
literally. Try it"
 You don't even have to look very deeply. Looking at a person for some short 
time will make him disappear leaving a light, often golden or blue. In my 
experience the more evolved a person the quicker he disolves and the more 
interesting the light he leaves behind. And like you say it can be anything, 
only it takes a little longer for an ordinary object than humans to resolve. 

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