I am pleased to report that I finally fixed my espresso machine.  It was 
easier than I thought and should've read all the comments on the YouTube 
video about fixing this particular machine the first time around.   I 
figured that grounds were plugging up the brew head but couldn't as many 
of the commenters said couldn't get the brass screw lose to take the 
brew head off and clean it out.  Someone said they had used a specific 
cleaner made for cleaning espresso and other coffee devices since 
vinegar won't really do that job as it won't break up impacted grounds.

I bought a jar of it for all of $5 and available down the street. Worked 
great though I did have to turn the machine upside down to get it to 
specifically soak loose grounds in the brew head.  After a it dripped 
dark water for a couple minutes the pump kicked in and fill a bowl full 
of dark water.  Then I ran several well fulls of water through it until 
the water was clear.  This morning's Americano was great though I dialed 
back on the grind since too fine a grind was the culprit.

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