BTW, it's Nadi astrology not Nadu. The latter will get you WillyTex accusing you of being a Tamil Tiger. :-D

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It's a suggestion.  Take it or leave it.

Well thank you. You're a natural with the lingo is what I mean. I also mean that no one has ever convinced me, other people believing something counts for nothing with me and astrology is one of those things that just makes no sense as an objective phenomenon that I can see.

But I convert for evidence, so I got a chart from a Nadu Astrology site, what do you reckon?

Ascendent(Lagan) :Libra 10.02   Ascendent Lord :Ven
Moon Sign(Rashi) :Taurus        Moon Sign Lord :Ven
Birth Star(Nakshatra) :Rohini   Birth Star Lord :Mon
Lucky Gem :Emerald      Lucky No. : 3
Lucky Day :Friday       Lucky Color :Green
Sun Sign (As per western system) :Aquarius
Current Vimshottari Dasa :Sat-Ket
You are a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati :No

*Ascendent Chart(Lagan Kundli)*         *Planet's position at the time of birth*
Planet  Sign    Degree  Lord
Asc     Libra   10.02   Ven
Sun     Capricorn       28.41   Sat
Mon     Taurus  19.38   Ven
Mar     Virgo   03.35   Mer
Mer(R)  Capricorn       18.53   Sat
Jup(R)  Aries   24.23   Mar
Ven(R)  Capricorn       13.43   Sat
Sat(R)  Aquarius        12.21   Sat
Rah(R)  Taurus  27.40   Ven
Ket(R)  Scorpio         27.40   Mar

*Navmansha Chart*       *Transit Chart *November 14,2014 13:20:45
Sun :Lib 28.01  Mon :Can 27.09
Mar :Sag 20.14  Mer :Lib 14.28
Jup :Can 27.37  Ven :Sco 03.07
Sat :Sco 01.24  Rah(R) :Vir 24.40

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