The Soviets (remember them?) excelled in just this type of psychological 
suppression. The "State" existed to liberate us from our misery at the hands of 
the bloated lackeys of capitalism, Anyone challenging this was obviously 
mentally and emotionally disturbed beyond any self-control. To remedy this, the 
Soviets devised psychiatric gulags to house and confine the "disturbed" and 
"protect" them from the harshness of civilian life among their "comrades".

Just like "then", questioning has now become the crime that reveals a comrade's 
mental disturbance. The Low-Landers have seen the light and it is Red. 

Bari2 will be pleased that the commissars have finally pounded their fists upon 
the gilded walls and Bari1 will proclaim it final justice delivered to the 
legacy of styoopid and greedy 'smearicans. 

I say let the muslims have it all. Like Charles Lindbergh, I say give Europe to 
the highest takers. Rock back and forth as you recite the Quran motherfuckers 
and recall how you were repressed by the Crusaders. 

After we nuke Mecca you all can all toke on the hash in your hookahs and praise 
"Allah ... The Merciful, The Compassionate".

You'll feel so much better about everything.
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