Steve wrote: "For a variety of
reasons I had decided in July of 2005 to leave the Devi Mandir where 
I had
been with my guru Shree Maa for 6 years."

So, why did Steve leave?  What is this part of the story?

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> 11/8
> Hi,
> I went to my first and only deeksha program on 8/15/04.  I was on 
a plane to
> India on 8/28.  So much happened to me as a result of that deeksha 
that my
> only debate was should I go to India?  Why go if it all was 
happening before
> my eyes right here in Austin?  Looking back I can both say that I 
am so glad
> that I went (priceless) and there is no need to is 
> perfectly here.  In the end some of you will be called to go and 
most to
> stay. How will you know?  You will know if you are sitting on a 
plane going
> to India.  It isn't for everyone and there is no other way for 
those end up
> going.
> Here are two reports I just read today.  Each is about India.  The 
first is
> from Steve Klayman who just returned and will be giving deeksha 
with me on
> Friday:
> Dear friends,
> As some of you may know I have recently moved back to my house in 
Austin. I
> am glad to be home. I got back sept.16 and promptly left for India 
on sept.
> 30. Now I am here to stay. I will tell you my story briefly 
because it is an
> exciting one for me and the many thousands of others. For a 
variety of
> reasons I had decided in July of 2005 to leave the Devi Mandir 
where I had
> been with my guru Shree Maa for 6 years. I had planned to return 
to austin
> by oct. 1. In late july a TM friend and a member of the Devi 
Mandir family,
> Steven Shimer, said to me at his house in Fairfield, 
California, "Steve, I
> have made more spiritual progress in the last 3 weeks than I have 
made in
> the last 10 years."  I asked what he was doing and he and Kathy 
Unger, his
> wife told me they were going to Berkeley each week for deeksha. Of 
course I
> asked what was deeksha. He explained to me that some people had 
been to
> India and been trained by two saints, Bhagavan and Amma, to 
transmit the
> Divine energy into peoples crown chakra and that they would begin 
a rapid
> process of enlightenment or awakening. I trusted Steve and Kathy 
> and i went. Each of the first 3 times I went I found it pleasant 
but nothing
> to get excited about. Some people loved it right from the start. I 
went a
> 4th time and I thought my socks would get blown right off my feet. 
The bliss
> was intense and I could barely walk or drive. WOW!!!! This was 
what they
> were talking about. I decided to stay in the Bay area and really 
check it
> out. Other friends checked it out also. Fantastic was the final 
decision. I
> have had the spiritual experiences I had been reading about for 
decades. And
> I continue to have them daily and they continue to deepen. I had 
given up on
> enlightenment. I knew many spiritual people from many different 
> The one thing they had in common was they talked about 
enlightenment. If
> anybody had it, well...... it certainly was not for the masses. 
Even those
> who did hard sadhana had very little to show for it. Bhagavan and 
Amma are
> avatars whose specialty is enlightenment. They have trained me to 
pass on
> this Divine energy through deeksha. There is no teaching, no 
techniques to
> do, nothing to read. Just come and receive deeksha with an 
attitude of
> gratitude. Bhagavan calls himself a technician. Just as you sit in 
the chair
> and open your mouth for the dentist, so you sit in the chair and 
let the
> person place the Golden energy into your head. Thats it.
> Namaste, Dr. Steve Klayman
> That says it all!  I will point although deeksha is very powerful, 
many like
> Steve went a number of times before they actually felt the depths 
of what
> was happening to them.  I think it happens from the start but 
sometimes the
> nervous system, mind, etc. takes awhile to unwind enough for it to 
be felt.
> That's why I believe it is good to come as much as your inner 
guidance feels
> is apropriate for you. Deeksha is the most powerful energy for 
> that I have ever experienced!
> This next report may seem a little far fetched for some but I know 
that it
> isn't.  In India, some of the deekshas they gave us were to talk 
to various
> Beings.  There is so much that I could say but I think she says it 
best in
> the report:
> Dear William,
> I hope you are well and I am looking forward to seeing you in 
> I have tried to write you a couple of times about this but somehow 
have had
> trouble getting it "on paper".
> I guess what I would say is that Bhagwan has been very directive 
in my life
> lately.  He doesn't let me off the hook til I do what he tells 
me.  As you
> know I came to Austin for the meeting about India even though I 
> didn't think that we could really go yet, if ever.  The money 
wasn't there
> and the time didn't seem to work too well either.  But we came for 
> meeting anyway and it was a great blessing to us.  I am 
overwhelmed now just
> remembering.  We got to see you and meet other great folks there 
in Austin,
> and we also got the chance to see Steve and visit with him before 
he took
> off for India.
> Well India continued to be on my mind but finally one evening ----
> husband) said, I think we'll go, but perhaps not in January.  I 
felt almost
> relieved and at that point mentally moved on.  But the next day I 
woke up
> very unsettled and restless.  We went for a walk and on the walk I 
turned to
> ----(my husband) and said that Bhagwan was telling me that I had 
to get my
> passport up to date.  For the next week I went through that 
> complicated somewhat by needing to get a certified copy of my 
> license.  But he was relentless until I got that application in 
the mail.
> And I have to tell you, it seems that Bhagwan can be a bit of a
> slave-driver.  How do I know it was Bhagwan?  Well (right now that 
> overcomes me again) here's what else he told me to do.
> When I went to the site for the Oneness University I saw a picture 
> Bhagwan and Amma sitting in state with their eyes closed.  When I 
looked at
> that picture it was like a deeksha came over me again and I went 
into that
> feeling of peace and almost numbness, but it's an alive numbness 
that I feel
> from my cheekbones up to the crown of my head.  I knew I had to 
have that
> picture in my home.  So I got ---(my husband) to print it out for 
me and
> then I knew I had to find a frame.  I went to the store and looked 
for a
> frame.  But as I looked at the frames I liked they didn't quite 
seem right.
> Then as I looked at one that I might not have normally chosen, I 
felt that
> feeling again and I knew Bhagwan had chosen it.  At first I was 
> and looked around some more just to be sure, but again he was 
> So I bought it.
> The picture looked great in it but I found that I couldn't hang it 
on the
> wall as I had planned because it didn't have a hanger on the right 
side for
> it to hang correctly.  Darn.  So back to the store and even to 
Michael's to
> try to fix the frame. No fixing the frame, and yes, that was still 
the frame
> that Bhagwan wanted.  So the picture now sits on a nice chest in 
my living
> room, not on the wall at all.
> I told Alison about all this, and she told me that she thought 
that pictures
> like that were not supposed to be hung anyway and should be set on 
> surface.  Oh.  Well, we are guided even in our ignorance.
> As for the money, a large and unexpected check came in the mail.  
Of course
> I said, well, maybe.  Let's see if it happens again, then we'll go 
to India.
> This month it happened again.  As my excuses are eliminated my 
feelings of
> anxiety mount.  Now if we can just figure out the timing of this 
thing and
> how to handle my aging dogs... Wow, I am totally blissed out right 
> Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to update you.
> Love,
> Beautiful....thanks for sharing taking the time to "get it on 
paper".  We
> are all enriched.  The pictures of Amma and Bhagavan are called 
Sri Murtis.
> The are considered portals to them and quite a bit of energy comes 
> them.  Often they speak and perform through the Sri Murtis (I know 
it seems
> a bit out there but that is her experience and has been my 
experience as
> well and very common to those who have been through the 21 day 
program).  It
> was the Sri Murti that was generating the ash that was in the 
photos I sent
> out months ago.  Honey also has been documented in India coming 
out of their
> Sri Murtis.   
> Ron Roth, the famous ex-priest healer, just got back from India.  
Many from
> our group have gone to see him this weekend for a program.  This 
> Bhagavan would not let him go...much like the preceding account:
> The founder of Celebrating Life Ministries and the Spirit of Peace 
> Community, Ron Roth is a best-selling author who performs healing 
> services and speaks to capacity audiences throughout the U.S.  A 
> priest for 25 years before he left the church in 1992 to embrace a 
> universal spirituality, Ron teaches through joy and laughter 
that "the only
> religion is the religion of love." Acknowledged internationally 
for many
> years as a spiritual healer, he continually reminds all listeners 
that "God
> heals - I do not."
> On the night of February 14  -- Valentine's Day this year (2005) - 
Ron was
> awakened from a sound sleep in his Illinois home by a voice 
chanting, "Sri
> Bhagavan, Sri Bhagavan, Sri Bhagavan."  He was startled by the 
clarity of
> the words, and even more startled when the chant was repeated 
throughout the
> night about 50 times.  Though an admirer of Indian saints and 
teachings for
> years, Ron - like most Americans - had not heard of Sri Bhagavan, 
so he did
> not understand the meaning of the chant.  But he did recognize the
> importance of it.  Having studied and taught for decades about the 
> dimensions, he had no doubt of the significance of this unique
> communication.
> The following day, Ron consulted his staff and learned of Sri 
Bhagavan and
> Sri Amma, their Golden Age Foundation and the Oneness Movement - 
> universal plan to implement a transformation of world 
consciousness through
> enlightenment and meditation.  The plan is based on principles Ron 
has been
> emphasizing for years, and he further recognized many other 
teachings of
> Bhagavan as virtually verbatim with his own teachings.  Within two 
> Celebrating Life made contact with Sri Rani, the international 
> of the Oneness Movement.  Sri Rani, then in California, greeted the
> connection as an answer to her own prayers for a miraculous 
happening to
> awaken America to Sri Bhagavan and to propel the Oneness Movement 
forward in
> the U.S.  While the movement has taken hold in numerous countries 
> the world, this country - so vital to the success of any peace 
movement -
> has been extremely slow to respond.
> The above was taken from the U.S. deeksha website .
> By the way, we are very lucky to have so much deeksha in Austin 
and will be
> growing.  We are one of the main spots in the least 
> everyone else catches up....quickly I hope.  I don't think 
anything is as
> powerful to bring you to realize your Self.  I hope to see you on
> Friday...please share our blessings with others...let them know 
about it.
> Love,
> William


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