Jesus, what a list of all things you're "not going to do" 

 does it ever end?

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 I can understand Salyavin's or anyone else's interest in the subject as -- as 
he said -- folklore, or just modern-day ghost stories to pass the time around 
the campfire, but it really doesn't do anything for me. 


 As I said earlier, aliens landing isn't going to affect me one way or another 
unless 1) they land in force and nuke the planet (that'd affect me), or 2) have 
some nifty technology that trickles down to affect me. But other than that, 
what's the big thrill? 


 It's not as if I'm going to go ask any of these little green men to explain 
the "secrets of the universe" to me. I don't do that with little pink human men 
(because I don't think any of them know any secrets), and I'm not about to do 
it with Space Brothers. That's more along Nabby's line...he gushes over anyone 
who tells him he knows more than he does, so he would do the same thing if the 
being talking to him was a puddle of slime from Neptune. :-)


 For me, it would be the same issue if God suddenly announced Himself and made 
Himself obvious. I'd go "Ho-hum" and go on about my life. What's to change? I 
*ALREADY* live according to my principles; I'm certainly not going to change 
any of them because of something some God might say. And I'm certainly not 
going to praise or revere a being I consider a sadistic thug (what else can you 
possibly call the being who thought up Ebola?). So I'd just live my life pretty 
much the way I live it now, with no change one way or another. 


In general, I think that people use the idea of aliens to distract themselves 
from the here and now, and put themselves into "What if" mode. That's almost by 
definition a state of unreality, something to put off dealing with "What is."  



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 Agreed - as I said earlier if the UFO folks are real and the guv'ment is 
hiding the truth, they could only be doing it if the ET's are cooperating - 
otherwise the ET's would just zooom around and see and meet whomever they 
pleased. Thus if real, the ET's are such shits they are pandering to the crappy 
governments we have here on earth so who wants to schmooze with them?


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 If Gordon is not crazy, then the American government is purposefully, 
mindfully, ABSOLUTELY evil.

 So you're concerned that the guy who was angry for having been taken out of 
the rotation for future NASA missions because he wouldn't train for them and 
then found that the only way he could get any media attention at all was to 
claim to have seen UFOs might have a credibility problem? Go figure. :-)


 If there are aliens visiting us and we're not being told -- it robs every 
person on Earth.


 On the other hand, if all of this is just self-serving bullshit by people like 
Gordo who went little crazy trying regain the attention they had for a short 
time as astronauts, then why should a government add to the craziness by 
dealing with their claims?

 Neither you, nor I, nor anyone ever could possibly be who we are now if we 
knew that UFOs are real.


 Bullshit. I can honestly say that if irrevocable proof was published 'round 
the world of the existence of aliens, it would not change my life in any way. 
Same if irrevocable proof of the existence of God could be found and 
disseminated. Neither "event" would affect me in any way. NOTHING in my life 
would change. 


 I don't really understand why you think either would affect you. Seriously. 
WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE ABOUT YOUR LIFE if it turned out that aliens existed?  I 
ask because I honestly can't think of anything that I would change about my 
life, given proof of *either* aliens, or God.  






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