I gotta say that the wild gene or not makes all the difference. I chose two 
purebred cats, a Bengal and and Abyssinian who came home with me at 6 weeks. 
They lived with me as my constant companions at home for 20 and 19 years. When 
you get a cat who is bred into a loving family who socializes them after birth 
to love humans, you can enter into feline intelligence, and it is a wonderland. 
Without the prefontal cortex restraints on their emotional lives, they can 
focus a love beam on you that is heart melting and powerful. My kitties lived 
to please me and learned many tricks. But what always amazed visitors the most 
was the stream of communication through their eyes. Constantly monitoring me as 
I was them. It was the opposite of cold and distant, I never saw that behavior 
from them. They came when I called them every time. It was high bandwidth flow 
and I miss it dearly.

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 That's cool Curtis. 

 Yes, of course the cat likes my wife who is the provider of food.

 And I will sometimes insist on petting it, and then it can't resist the 
scratching under the chin, and will even start purring, but then it forgets 
that episode in a matter of minutes.

 I just feel cheated, because they are always a few minutes when I want to sit 
and watch some TV with a kitty on my lap, but he's chillin in some other corner 
of the house.

 In my experience cats are still wild animals. They like certain comforts and 
so avail themselves of those things when readily accessible and when not too 
inconvenient. I never owned a cat except when I adopted a couple of brother 
kittens for a barn I owned. They were both feral and the SPCA wanted to put 
them down rather than adopt them out to an 'outside/outdoor' home. I sent a 
friend back in and had her embellish the truth about where the two kittens were 
going so that I could bring them to the farm. It worked, we adopted these two 
brothers who I named "Dylan" and "Thomas" and they lived happily ever after 
eating organic cat food, seeing the vet regularly and even when Dylan got his 
tail mysteriously broken I spent the $600 to have it amputated and tended to 
(it broke right at the base of the poor guy's spine). But to be perfectly 
honest with you, I am not a cat fan. They live a little bit too much in their 
own world to be as accessible as I would like them to be in order to be able to 
consider them an actual "pet". They can be unpredictable, cold, distant and 
unavailable just when you were hoping for a little lovin'. They are amazing 
creatures and very beautiful in their form and their agility. They are so 
wonderfully creepy sometimes too when they hop sideways all arched up and 
stiff-legged. So I get where you're coming from, Steve. Having a cat that won't 
trust and really love you after ten years is pushing the definition of "pet" 
past the point of no return.

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