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 I am fascinated by animal intelligence and am always curious if I can breach 
the rapport barrier and connect with their intelligence enough to understand a 
little bit of what is going on in there. Although I know this may be verging on 
an idiotic question Ann, I will ask it anyway. Can you describe at all what 
your impression is of what is going in in a horse's mind enough to describe 
some qualities of it?

 This is not hard to do, my safety depends upon it. When you are intimately 
connected to a horse's body (as a good rider inevitably is) then you have 
access to many things. First, without getting too complicated here, you have a 
literal feel of the horses mouth and lips in both hands, you ass is sitting on 
its back which is where all the movement happens, and your legs are embracing 
his lungs and heart area. With this kind of touching you'd have to be an 
insensitive cretin not to have some idea what is going on in the actual brain 
of the horse. (Unfortunately, the horse world is filled with insensitive 
cretins but that is another story.)

 Basically horses can be a little like cats. One minute they are calm and 
sedate and the next moment they are running sideways down the arena. They can 
appear aloof and untouched by your presence and at other times can't get in 
your pocket fast enough. There is a whole lot of wild still in there as well.
 And they are total pushovers for the hand that feeds them but only if you have 
the actual bucket in your hand at the time  - otherwise you're just another 
schlep. But then there are those times when you can be convinced that the horse 
is actually glad to see you, just you with no bucket. But, I digress.

 So, basically when you're all in touch with the horse, in that saddle and 
riding along asking him to do all sorts of natural and unnatural things and he 
is happy to do so that is because you are asking for the right thing at the 
right moment and then allowing it to happen. In order to know what to ask and 
when to ask and how to ask and then when to stop asking means you have to know 
the mind of the horse to a certain extent. You have to know what he knows, you 
have to know if you prepared him in the moments before asking and then you have 
to know how much to ask and when it is too much or not enough and then you have 
to figure out if his resistance is mental or physical. There are so many 
calculations to make in order to do just one movement that it transcends 
thinking. You don't have time to think all those things. So then what? It means 
you feel it. In order to feel it you have to know something about yourself and 
also something about the horse. And you end up making mistakes all the time. 
You end up betraying the horse or causing them resentment toward you. You can 
give them ulcers or hurt their bodies by breaking them - literally. They are 
very, very delicate. They basically die of only two things - intestinal issues 
and leg issues. Many of these things are brought about by people's 
insensitivity and by forcing. When you climb on the back of these animals you 
have a real responsibility because for as strong and willing and giving as 
these animals are, all of that can be destroyed by selfishness or greed or ego.

 I don't think I answered your question after all that.

I have had profound connections with a squirrel monkey, cats dogs and ferrets. 
(I am excluding gerbils because the obvious jokes would just write themselves.) 
In my interactions with them I have come to some conclusions about how they are 
processing the world differently from each other, and from me. It is all 
borderline fantasy, but if you interact enough you kind of get a sense, like 
feeling some object in the dark and drawing conclusions.

I hope that serves as a writing prompt because I love when you write about 
horses here.

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 This is an interesting experience that always happens when I practice TM with 
my wife. I can feel my nearly pure awareness contact hers, and then the 
boundary is gone, and it is simply oneness, without boundary or ownership. I 
always flinch mentally, just as the boundary dissolves. It is as if I am 
suspended in an empty room, dimly lit by blue lights, and I sense another room, 
this one also empty, but dimly lit by purple lights. Then, suddenly the divider 
between the two is gone, and it is one room. This is probably more common that 
it sounds, especially given Share's experience in the dome ("ovals of light").

 I only get this riding my horse! The athletic movement of the horse and 
finding the way in which my body can work and move with his back is the goal. 
Couple that with the mental partnership of asking and responding and you can 
start to appreciate why this sport is so amazing. You take an animal with its 
own free will, its own ideas and you take its strong body and you sit on that 
body and communicate through touch what you would like to do and lo and behold, 
the horse responds and then your responsibility is to find a way to stay out of 
the horse's way, to integrate yourself with its mind and its physicality in 
order to become one thing moving as dynamically and effortlessly as possible 
through space. It really is all that!

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