The message(s) this Babaji conveyed are messages resounding both throughout the universe, from its inception to its culmination, the desideratum for each and every being transiting from and through its expressionless origins to their final satiation through this manifest universe and back into its premanifest origins, and by every saint whose blessed us with their profound excellence in human evolution.
The novelty by which any of our subtler dispositions may emerge from this slide show, his company, the company of saints and other spiritually progressive beings is all too often met at the entertainment realm of most of us, the venue through which distance as well as dissociative titillation are engaged, the realm for matters of little or no value, or the place for matters of little or no value.  The novelty of what he and other more enlightened souls have to convey is also due to our inattentiveness to our own human nature, though some recognition of it is reawakened through the good fortune of their company, part of their 'service to humanity'.  As this is part of our nature as well, all too often neglected throughout the whole of most everyone's life, it is demonstrative that we are yet to become a truly human society, in spite of the privilege of being born in our species.
It is the bounden duty of every truly sincere seeker of universal magnanimity to bring about this truthful ensconsement in spiritual victory at the soonest possible time.  This could be a simple matter to arrive at within minutes or seconds if only we'd heed the wisdom of those, perhaps such as Babaji, who have come before us to show us the way.  Just talking about them and garnering psycho-social titillation from them does not suffice to embolden our certainty of attaining liberation within this very life.  We must own these qualities with a greater tenacity than we pursue our careers or prepare breakfast, even at the sacrifice of either.  We are doing a disservice to ourselves, our posterity and the whole of humanity by choosing any lesser path.
Saints and enlightened souls by any other name are not so extraordinary in that they "are" established in their humanity, our humanity, for they have achieved and live within constantly the threshold by which humanity is defined.  Earth, as we live it today is still within, though at the cusp beyond a 'Planet of the Apes', for it should not be a struggle for humans to live an ethical life, by their, by our own volition and by the circumstances and values by which the larger society operates, the external influences affecting each and every person individually.
As for which 'Babaji' this person was or is, I'm confident he's different than the Babaji referred to by Yoganandaji.

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On 11/17/05, Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Thanks for sharing this Gary. I know very little
regarding his teachings but I always enjoyed the
darshan from  his photographs.

--- gds444 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello All,
> Does nayone have any thoughts on Babaji? He passed
> ten years or so ago.
> I had an interesting experience while watching this
> slide show. I'd
> love feedback.
> The main site for info on Babji is
> I'm always impressed by the breadth of people's
> experience and
> knowledge. I guess I'm looking for some validation?
> Thanks!
> Gary

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