That is cool -- I don't enjoy the experience of sleeping or dreaming, as much 
as I do being active. If I could just remain active 24x7, that would be my 
preference. My attitude often when I become aware of a dream, is, Oh God, let's 
get it done with, so I can finish the sleep thing, and wake up soon! Good 
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 I experience lucid dreaming almost every night, it's just fun, no big deal. 
That anyone place any importance to this whatsoever just shows how desperate 
they are for knowledge.

 I'd have to agree about the lucid dreaming's lack of importance. It just 
simply is something that happens to me all the time since I am a voracious 
dreamer and always have been. I feel fortunate because it simply means I have 
24 hour life experience to draw on and plus, it is fun to play around with your 
dreams and see how it feels to fly and die and all sorts of kundalini type 
stuff can happen when you put your mind to it. But I never knew this had an 
actual name or was something people practiced. Everyone dreams and everyone 
thinks so have fun with your dreams and forget the idea of "lucidity". I don't 
think because you realize you are dreaming and can change stuff in your dreams 
that you have any special awareness or ability.



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