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 I enjoyed reading about your serious consideration of UFO's. Purely going by 
logic, it doesn't make sense that we are the only living beings in the 
universe. However, I agree that many reports of UFOs are wishful thinking.

 True, we can't say whether we are the only intelligent beings in the universe 
- but it's a big place. This is the main problem. Just getting from wherever 
they are to here is such a monumentally enormous task and would take so long - 
even if you can get close to the speed of light - that it's vanishingly 
unlikely that any other life form could be here. And for them to be here just 
as we are becoming technologically aware is another stretch of credulity. But 
for them to be humanoid, capable of breathing our atmosphere and coping with 
our gravity! I have to say it does arouse major suspicions in me.

 It's not impossible though, it's just that we have no good evidence and plenty 
of better ways of explaining the evidence we do have. So I stay interested but 

 You tell a familiar story about your ex-wife though, and I have no reason to 
doubt the experience. I've got books full of similar recountings. But are 
aliens the best explanation for this? There have always been stories of people 
waking up paralysed and sensing a mysterious presence in the room. It's part of 
English folklore anyway. They used to call the creature the old hag, people 
would say it was terrifying as they couldn't breathe with this ghost thing was 
sitting on their chest. From the website of psychologist Susan Blackmore:

 The Sleep-Paralysis Experience
 In a typical sleep-paralysis episode, a person wakes up paralyzed, senses a 
presence in the room, feels fear or even terror, and may hear buzzing and 
humming noises, or see strange lights. A visible or invisible entity may even 
sit on their chest, shaking, strangling or prodding them. Attempts to fight the 
paralysis are usually unsuccessful. It is reputedly more effective to relax, or 
try to move just the eyes or a single finger or toe. Descriptions of sleep 
paralysis are given in many of the references already cited and in Hufford’s 
(1982) classic work on the "Old Hag". I and a colleague are building up a case 
collection and have reported our preliminary findings.

 Perhaps alien abduction is our modern sleep paralysis myth.
 People have pointed out the similarities between abductions and sleep 
paralysis. The majority of the abduction experiences they studied occurred at 
night, and almost 60 percent of the "intense" reports were sleep related. Of 
the intense experiences, nearly a quarter involved symptoms similar to sleep 

 Cox (1995) divided his twelve abductees into six daytime and six nighttime 
abductions and, even with such small groups, found that the nighttime abductees 
reported significantly more frequent sleep paralysis than either of the control 
 I suggest that the best explanation for many abduction experiences is that 
they are elaborations of the experience of sleep paralysis.
 Imagine the following scenario: a woman wakes in the night with a strong sense 
that someone or something is in the room. She tries to move and finds she is 
completely paralyzed except for her eyes. She sees strange lights, hears a 
buzzing or humming sound, and feels a vibration in the bed. If she knows about 
sleep paralysis, she will recognise it instantly, but most people do not. So 
what is she going to think? I suggest that, if she has watched TV programs 
about abductions or read about them, she may begin to think of aliens. And in 
this borderline sleep state, the imagined alien will seem extremely real. This 
alone may be enough to create the conviction of having been abducted. Hypnosis 
could make the memories of this real experience (but not real abduction) 
completely convincing.
 Does it cover you ex's experience? I do not know but people have always had 
this experience and the interpretation into modern memes like aliens instead of 
creatures from folklore like goblins doesn't seem unrealistic.

 I remember Susan Blackmore had a go on a machine designed to recreate these 
experiences using some sort of brainwave stimulator. She was in a laboratory 
but still found the experience terrifying, paralysis and an awareness of a 
presence, she had the whole thing. Experiments like this are never 100% 
conclusive but it does show that our minds can create a lot of stuff that seems 
externally derived.

 Thanks for the photo. I wish I could see more in it than I do see ;-) 

 I have seen weird things though, I saw Venus on the horizon once. It was 
dancing around and changing shape, colour and size. Amazing to see, I had 
binoculars and my neighbours came out to look and were astonished. Anyone else 
would see a UFO doing typical UFO manouvres (ask Nabby) but when you know it's 
a planet and the lighting effects are caused by the atmosphere moving about you 
don't get so carried away. 

 Almost the entire population of Mexico city did just that one summer, endless 
videos were taken of this light that appeared every evening and hovered over 
the city. Videos with hysterical voice-overs sold by the truck load, they were 
great but there's only so many wobbly pictures of Venus I can look at, and the 
invasion never happened. that's the way it is with UFO's, it never quite 

   Two personal experiences I can't explain:  My ex-wife had an alien 
visitation, where they came up the stairs of our house, put a probe into her 
side and studied her, while I was asleep next to her. She was speechless and in 
shock afterwards - I can't say whether or not it was real, but her description 
and reaction sure seemed so. Other than that, last summer, I was in the yard 
and looked up, and saw a metallic shiny disc, hovering in the sky. I took some 
bad pictures of it, and felt as if I was being watched (attached).


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