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Seems Richard has managed to push the buttons of the Turq big-time, no matter how much he claims never to read any of his posts :-)
On 11/16/2014 6:56 AM, salyavin808 wrote:
I'll bet my Sunday lunch that the only reason Turq saw that comment by Willytex is because you commented on it.
/I'd be willing to wager that Turq reads every single one of my posts almost every day.//If he in fact does not, then that only proves he is prejudiced, just like you are - calling me Willytex - everyone already knows my real name - you just proved my point./

It's the only reason I saw it too. Man, I'd hate to spend so much time online and to discover I'd been so ineffective for so many years...
/So, now that I've got your attention - have you ever witnessed anyone levitate slowly up off of a sofa and then fly around two inches off the floor for awhile? Just be honest. Thanks./

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*/Willytex can continue to "remind" people of anything he fuckin' wants...it doesn't bother me a bit. I've never claimed to *understand* what was going on when I and hundreds of other people saw Fred levitate, only that we witnessed it. He's just jealous that he never has...that's why at this point he has made several *thousand* posts about it.
*/Compare and contrast against the claim made by Nabby several times on this forum that *HE* has levitated, hanging in the air for long periods of time. There is no one on Earth who doesn't find that laughable. :-)
*/As for Curtis, I doubt seriously that he has ever suggested that *perception* is not different in different states of consciousness, only that *reality* probably isn't. Nabby wouldn't make that distinction because quite frankly he doesn't understand the difference. As with his claims to have personally levitated (which he has been unable to provide proof for or find anyone to substantiate), he seems to believe that if he experienced or perceived something, that *is* reality.
*/I suspect that both Curtis and I would agree that anyone who believes this is delusional. Even if you don't bother factoring in the fact that Nabby also believes in little green men whose idea of fun is stomping patterns in fields of wheat to show how advanced and intelligent they are. :-)/*

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Both the Turq's claim that he saw the Lenz-Rama-guy levitate many times and Curti's claim that "knowledge is not different in different states of consciousness" loom over these two guys forever. It's a good thing that Richard keep reminding every possible lurker here how far out of any possible self-insight these two guy's are.

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On 11/15/2014 4:23 PM, nablusoss1008 wrote:

            Sal is adjusting his speak every day now. Watch out, one
            of these days he'll even retract his extremely silly
            judgements on the Crop Circles.
            "Adjusting his speak" - that's a good one! Apparently he
            already believes in tall tales - he has yet to reply to
            Barry's levitation claims about Rama. Go figure.

            /"And I don't just mean explaining things away, to be
            convincing you have to show that something more realistic
            happened, more credible and using explanations we already
            understand and are known to happen in certain
            circumstances."/ - salyavin808

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            Salyavin, I love your last paragraph: folklore in action;
            techno ghost stories for the nuclear age. As for me, I
            believe there is life somewhere else in the vast
            universe. And I think they are more highly advanced than
            us and maybe here with us. And I think it's great.

            We can believe what we like. I have no opinion on
            intelligent life elsewhere, we don't know the variables
            that allow for it to develop. We could be unique or the
            universe could be teeming or maybe there's just one or
            two per galaxy over it's entire history. But the chances
            of there being other humanoids visiting Earth at the just
            same time as we've understood where we are cosmically? It
            beggars belief. Alien craft is the least likely
            explanation for UFO's. But I hope it's true.

            But at that point, I'm more like turq. It doesn't really
            impact my life one way or the other. Either way, what is
            the action step? (-:

            I don't know, just enjoy the ride, the evolving myth. We
            are apparently on the brink of something called
            "disclosure". We've been here before a few times as I
            recall, it never amounts to much but it's fun watching
            the TB's get excited that their favourite daydream is to
            be officially confirmed.

            But it won't be, the UFO's won't land and Maitreya won't
            appear. It's the way of things. The connection between
            the two is that people want there to be more, want there
            to be a reason and for there to be salvation from a
            higher power, whether it's alien or spiritual. We're
            talking deep human needs here.

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            table: UFOs

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            Sal doesn't like UFO's because they aren't scientific :-)

            It's an interesting point Nabs. The thing is one can only
            get scientific about something if it is available to
            study, UFO's are so fleeting and ephemeral that there
            really isn't anything to study other than hearsay or
            suspiciously absent film taken by higher powers to keep
            the whole thing secret.

            But a great many people have studied what they can about
            UFO sightings, and done it with as much rigour as you can
            with such a paucity of hard evidence. I'm not sure there
            is an encounter that hasn't got a better explanation that
            doesn't involve us being visited by beings from another
            world. And I don't just mean explaining things away, to
            be convincing you have to show that something more
            realistic happened, more credible and using explanations
            we already understand and are known to happen in certain
            circumstances. Even testing soil damage and skin burns
            for alternative causes. People are being scientific about

            But here's the thing you overlook in your quip, I've been
            interested in UFO's for as long as I remember, I've a got
            a shelf full of the classic books on the subject. Even
            the true believer stuff from "serious" researchers like
            Timothy Good and the abductionists like Bud Hopkins. I
            bet I know all the great encounters by heart - Cortile,
            Ramirez, Roswell, Pascagoula, Ilkley Moor, Rendlesham...

            I love it but I don't take it at face value. To me, UFO's
            are folklore in action. The evolving myth of abduction
            and what they are supposedly doing here are the legends
            of our time, a new religion, encapsulating our fears
            about technology and promising us freedom from our
            destructive ways, yet always remaining remarkably
            evidence free. There's always a new vision to add to the
            mythos but conveniently never any hard evidence to help
            decide one way or the other. And the longer that scenario
            goes on the more convinced any casual observer should be
            that we are kidding ourselves, because deep down we like
            ghost stories and that's really what they are. Something
            scary always just out of reach. Techno ghost stories for
            the nuclear age.

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            I didn't really read what sal has written below, but I
            think the gist of it is, that he doesn't like the person
            who coined the word "flying saucer"

            Is that what his dissertation is about this time?

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            There is not one astronaut who has NOT reported seeing
            UFO's, sometimes huge and in large nubers, back to NASA
            and/or their families.

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            If Gordon is not crazy, then the American government is
            purposefully, mindfully, ABSOLUTELY evil.

            If there are aliens visiting us and we're not being told
            -- it robs every person on Earth.


            Neither you, nor I, nor anyone ever could possibly be who
            we are now if we knew that UFOs are real.


            And that's why it might be kept a secret -- the concept
            "money" would be bereft of allure.

            If you say that it would NOT be "all that much of a big
            deal, cuz everyone's so inured already by Hollywood

            Every person in every way:  changed.

            Agreed. Luckily I don;t suppose it will come to that.
            Which is a shame as I'd be the happiest person on Earth
            if it turned out that UFO's were alien spacecraft, but
            the truth of sightings always turns out to be more mundane.

            Take the name "flying saucers", everyone sees saucer
            shaped craft but the name is a mistake from the first
            encounter anyone had. Kenneth Arnold (an experienced
            pilot) saw a squadron of highly reflective crescent
            shaped aircraft flying at great speed in a V formation
            over the Rocky mountains in 1947. He described them as
            flying like a saucer would if skipped across water.

            A journalist made up the name /flying saucer/ and after
            that everyone saw saucer shaped craft when they saw
            something mysterious in the sky. The power of suggestion.
            Sadly there's no such thing as a reliable witness and any
            one can be fooled, Arnold most likely saw a flock of
            pelicans and mistook them for unknown aircraft and
            miscalculated their distance from him. We all make
            mistakes but the influence his mistake had is immeasurable.

            Because we people are so unreliable, if I had to bet I
            would say that Cooper saw some atmospheric effect from
            flying at supersonic speed that no one had noticed before
            and mistook it for real craft moving above him.

            And early radar was hopelessly unreliable, the UK air
            defence system in the cold war was always telling us that
            giant UFOs were crossing the north sea but when planes
            were scrambled to look it turned out to have been
            temperature inversions confusing the equipment. When
            these anomalies were understood and ironed out UFO
            reports stopped coming in. It's the way it goes, people
            see stuff and imagination plugs any gaps, popular culture
            is rife with imagery that came before the sightings. I
            can't trust myself let alone anyone else!

            I would like to see this film they took though but, I
            don't suppose we ever will. That's the way

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