Here's what's been bugging the hell out of me lately. 

 You hear news people, or economists debating whether low oil prices are good 
for the country.

 Of course they are good for the everyday working American.  The only entities 
they may not be good for are the big oil companies.

 Yes, I know low oil prices could be impediment to wean ourselves off fossil 
fuels, but there is a lot of momentum moving in that direction anyway.


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 The Chamber of commerce(small business), usually represented by Republicans, 
want cheap labor. Democrats want cheap and dependent voters.  The American 
people want jobs and fewer people on government assistance which they pay for 
out of their earned income. When illegals come here and undercut American 
workers they end up living on government assistance in addition to their meager 
checks. Employers should be required to use E-verify in order to verify 
employees have a good SS#  and thus only able to hire legal residents. That 
would leave no excuse for hiring illegal aliens which should have a strong 
penalty. The border can be secured with a good fence, electronic sensors and 
aerial observation, including drones.

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   Ooops - my mistake. As for the border being secured, that will never happen. 
Never. Part of the problem is that agribiz and the hospitality industry both 
take full advantage of undocumented workers, so on the one hand, they join the 
"patriots" and call for secure borders, while on the other hand, they ensure 
that corporate profits soar, on the backs of illegal labor. Hypocritical BS, 
which both political parties are well aware of. 
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25 Million? Please, Reagan granted amnesty to 2 million under the condition 
that the border would be secured, which was never done under a democrat lead  
house( Speaker Tip O'neal). That is why conservatives demand a secure border 
*before* any talk of amnesty.  If you can't secure the border, it becomes a 
revolving door. Once you grant amnesty to those here illegally, their families 
rush the border to be the next to get amnesty and the beat goes on. 
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   The dude who started it was Reagan, granting amnesty to 25 million illegals. 
Funny that now everyone sees it as a Democratic strategy.


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 The *children* will probably be granted refuge status which means their 
parents, brothers and sisters will naturally be allowed to join them here. 
Next, uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents will then come. We might as well 
annex Central America. They will be given social security cards and green cards 
and have all access to every social program including Obama care( remember the 
congressman calling Obama a liar when he said they wouldn't qualify for it?) 
Black, teen and other unskilled citizen labor will continue to rise as will the 
cost of the *safety net*. School systems are already being stretched beyond 
their budgets to make accommodations, including cutting out sports teams, bands 

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 Leave's out  "buy American assets for pennies on the dollar."  Kos is 
apparently not liberal enough or not too smart about economics.  Randi Rhodes 
(now retired) used point that out all the time and I've been saying it for 
years.  Maybe it sounds "too conspiratorial."

 Non sequitur. It's all about the economy and whether or not you have a job and 
a 401k. The US does not have a shortage of workers. It has a shortage of jobs - 
that's the important issue - the people have spoken. 
 "The irresponsible immigration policy has created a surplus of workers. 
Illegal alien amnesty will make that surplus much worse. Legalize twelve 
million illegal aliens and another twelve million will come."
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   And it only takes up the top right corner of this cartoon from Daily Kos:








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