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 I've seen the first two films, and like you was more than a little surprised 
at how good they were. I'm looking forward to "Mockingjay."

 On the subject of movies, apparently cinemas are having to put this sign up 
for people queueing to see Interstellar:







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 Chances are your answer is wrong, as this article about the difference between 
our perceptions and reality points out. 


 Here's a hint:  He's the highest-grossing-at-the-box-office action star of all 
time, and is about to set a new record by appearing in the highest-grossing 
film of the year for the second year in a row. 


 Here's another hint:  It's not a he. 

 http://tinyurl.com/nb93ebj http://tinyurl.com/nb93ebj


 I saw The Hunger Games the other day, rather enjoyed it actually which 
surprised me as it sounded like a bit of a teen movie but there was more too it 
than I expected. And it could have been really gory just for the sake of it but 
it was quite touching. I must be turning into an old softie.

 JL was really good in the lead role. And I liked the bit with the hornets.

 Might even treat myself to the sequel, I think a bit of development in how the 
society works and got where it was might make it an even better film.

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