That danged internet has ruined so many things for you, it seems. At least 
skimming what you've written below, which sounds like your usual stuff.

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 The sleep paralysis is an interesting explanation. I do recall, though, (30 
years ago), that she heard them on the stairs first and then they came into the 
room, described their big black eyes, and small form. Glad I didn't wake up. 
She didn't talk about it afterwards, and being such a traumatic experience for 
her, it wouldn't have been very considerate for me to ask her about it. We were 
not UFO buffs at all. Weird stuff, and like you say, maddeningly, never 


 Interestingly, most people who report abduction experiences aren't UFO buffs. 
They don't really need to be though, the experience has followed popular 
culture closely. It seems the imagery in films like Close Encounters of the 
Third Kind  has become well and truly universal. There were no alien abduction 
reports before Hollywood got busy with the subject. Even the first such tale, 
the case of Betty and Barney Hill, seemed suspiciously like an episode of 
sci-fi TV show The Outer Limits that was broadcast a few weeks before.

 Couple these reference points with the human imagination and it's a potent 
formula. In the old days of goblins and elves they used different imagery in 
sleep paralysis (if that's what it was) incidents. The mind is a strange place. 
I just wish I'd had experiences like this, but it didn't matter how many 
haunted houses I slept in or cold hillsides I camped on I never saw anything 

 Some of the famous abduction stories are so far out they defy any 
categorisation, that so many are only revealed under hypnosis makes them more 
easily dismissed, but even in the most well known and inexplicable ones that 
have been studied and written about, I'm firmly in the camp of aliens being the 
least likely explanation.

 But I keep my eye on it all as I like watching how the story has evolved and 
find the abduction researchers really interesting. The internet has ruined it 
because there are so many sites of such low quality and transparently 
nonsensical conspiracy rubbish it's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. Most 
would say it's all chaff but the evolving beliefs tell us a lot about current 
social fears about nuclear war and genetic engineering and distrust of 
government. Interesting to see it bubble up in the guise of terrifying 
humanoids that invade our homes at night.

 And then there's how the classic UFO stories get tweaked to fit the new 
narrative, the type of stories that get reported and the type of aliens 
involved have changed so much in my lifetime that the Earth must by the busiest 
place in the universe with hundreds of incoming craft from different 
worlds/dimensions every hour. We sure are popular! Interesting stuff, there's 
probably a folklore PHD or two in there somewhere....


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