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> It was always my understanding that "the Babaji" was a light  body 
> of the Nath mahasiddha, Goraknatha, i.e. the revealer of  modern 
> and pranayama. That seems to be what the Yogananda lineage  is 
saying. Now this 
> is a rather common name. Are other people claiming a  physical 
human is the 
> same Babaji of "Autobiography of a Yogi" fame?
> There is a Babaji group with multiple web sites that claim  their 
guy was the 
> same one that was associated with Yogananda. However this guy  
died several 
> years ago and the followers of Yoganand's Kriya yoga claim they 
are  not the 
> same people. Supposedly the Babaji that died  years ago had been  
found in a 
> cave doing tapas and drew a following and some Americans asked him 
if  he was 
> Babaji and his answer was somewhat vague and the Americans drew 
their on  
> conclusion that he was. It turns out the guy is half British and I 
think his  mother 
> was Sikh and I believe a servant to his father. You might check 
out  Marshall 
> Govindam's  web site. I'm pretty sure that is where I read about  
this guy.
Your info rings true. Thanks for clearing that up.

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