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 If Brit tv is anything like American where they "edit" the movie to allow much 
more advertising in, they wind up cutting a lot out - well worth the effort to 
get or rent the DVD and check out the extras, well worth it.

It's a fair point. On Film 4 they usually tell you in the description in the 
EPG when a movie has been edited for violence or sex but I hope they don't do 
it to get them down to a particular length. 

 Other channels aren't so helpful and it annoys me when I see that something 
has been cut out of something I saw at the cinema. Especially if it's trivial. 

 I always write and complain to crap TV companies when they screw something up. 
I had a long argument with a PR guy at Channel 4 where they show The Simpsons 
every night and they were cutting the violence out of Itchy and Scratchy! Talk 
about missing the ironic point! But they stopped doing it so I considered it 
another victory.


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 My daughter raved about the books and the original movie, so I watched the 
first film - loved it. Then I read the books and was glad I did, all three are 
well worth reading and of course better than the films, tho the movies are true 
to the spirit of the books. 


 The scene in the first film of Peta throwing Katness the bread is handled 
differently in the books, or rather the scene is not clear in the film - it is 
the pivotal scene in the books and really defines the future relationship 
between the two characters. But over all a great series - the extras on the DVD 
are pretty interesting, especially the interviews with Donald Southerland (and 
the fact that most of the first movie was filmed in North Carolina)

That bread throwing scene was enigmatic at first but as they repeated it in the 
movie you saw how it meant different things to them. Surprisingly enjoyable all 
told, which is always nice when it happens. Nothing like low expectations being 
confounded! I tape a lot of stuff off the TV and can generally tell if it's 
going to be worth the effort within minutes.

 I shall check out the sequel, maybe it's on TV this weekend...
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 Chances are your answer is wrong, as this article about the difference between 
our perceptions and reality points out. 


 Here's a hint:  He's the highest-grossing-at-the-box-office action star of all 
time, and is about to set a new record by appearing in the highest-grossing 
film of the year for the second year in a row. 


 Here's another hint:  It's not a he. 

 http://tinyurl.com/nb93ebj http://tinyurl.com/nb93ebj


 I saw The Hunger Games the other day, rather enjoyed it actually which 
surprised me as it sounded like a bit of a teen movie but there was more too it 
than I expected. And it could have been really gory just for the sake of it but 
it was quite touching. I must be turning into an old softie.

 JL was really good in the lead role. And I liked the bit with the hornets.

 Might even treat myself to the sequel, I think a bit of development in how the 
society works and got where it was might make it an even better film.




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