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I watch a lot of Brit TV on Netflix andHulu+.  One thing is the actors look 
like real people and not likefashion models.  My favorite was "Utopia" and HBO 
is redoing itwith David Fincher in charge.  
Dang I missed the second series of Utopia due to being on holiday when it 
started. Shall put it on my crimbo list.
It was good. 

Did you see The Fall? Grim serial killer hunt, series two has just started over 
here. Bit pointless if you missed the first but it's very well made and 
decidedly disturbing.

As you say, pointless without having seen the first one. Gillian Anderson is 
good in it, but to be honest I liked her role in "Hannibal" better and hope 
she'll still be dropping in to the next season.

I remembered watching a US show called Flashforward a few years back, that was 
great. One of the real US import triumphs. The entire human race blacks out for 
2 minutes ad has a vision of what they will be doing in 6 months time. Quality 
sci-fi, got any more like that over there?
Yeah, I liked "Flashforward," too, and wish it hadn't been canceled. 

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