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 I watch a lot of Brit TV on Netflix and Hulu+.  One thing is the actors look 
like real people and not like fashion models.  My favorite was "Utopia" and HBO 
is redoing it with David Fincher in charge.  

 Dang I missed the second series of Utopia due to being on holiday when it 
started. Shall put it on my crimbo list.

 It was pretty good and involved a back story to tell how this all came about.  
The first episode took place in the 1970s so instead of a scope aspect ration 
they had a 4:3 TV aspect ratio for that episode.   I remember there was a bit 
of controversy about that first episode, it involved the death of Airey Neave 
(?), who was murdered by the IRA, but incorporated him into the Utopia plot. 
The Daily Mail tried to whip up some hysteria anyway. Unfortunately there will 
be no Bluray release of season two.  I have the season one Bluray which is "All 
Regions" so they didn't have to make different ones for each regions.  But it 
won't play on my Sony players but does on my Samsung. Wonder what Sony has 
against the "All Regions" option?  Channel 4 said the season one sales did not 
justify a season two Bluray release.
I've never even seen a Bluray so I don;t know what I'm missing, the DVD is on 
Amazon though so I'll be dropping hints amongst the fambly.

 Dennis Kelly says he likes HBO's plans for the series though.  But what else 
would he says especially if they gave him a big suitcase of money. :-D 
 Did you see The Fall? Grim serial killer hunt, series two has just started 
over here. Bit pointless if you missed the first but it's very well made and 
decidedly disturbing.

 Saw "The Fall" season one on Netflix and I suspect season two will follow 
there not long after it plays in the UK.  I liked it.  Netflix just added 
season 3 of the Swedish "Wallander" so watched episode one last night. Then I 
won't spoil it for you. But I always loved Wallander, the books as well. And 
his non-Wallander books are good, especially the African ones. 
 I remembered watching a US show called Flashforward a few years back, that was 
great. One of the real US import triumphs. The entire human race blacks out for 
2 minutes ad has a vision of what they will be doing in 6 months time. Quality 
sci-fi, got any more like that over there?

 Quality? In the US?  It's all about money.  Syfy doesn't have much this 
season.  "Z Nation" is  a cult series done by the kings of schlock, Asylum.  
Since Syfy hasn't done episodes streaming a month later for it I'm betting 
Netflix scooped up the rights and it will show a month after the season 
completes (and a season two has already been ordered).   Netflix did that with 
 I've been watching "Constantine" on NBC but then I like occult themed series. 
As networks lose more money I'm waiting for "found footage" series to appear 
which might be far better than the Hollywood stuff.  One could even call the 
show "Found Footage".  Each episode could be a different set of "found 
 Shall keep my eyes peeled for Constantine then. The more channels we get on TV 
the more old shows I get to see. Some of them are great. I'm waiting for 
Survivors which was my favourite post-apocalypse series from the 70's. A plague 
wipes out 99% of humanity and the few still alive try to rebuild some sort of 
life amid the ruins. Excellent stuff and the BBC did a re-imagining a few years 
ago, which is well worth checking out. We still do quality I'm happy to say. 
For now...

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