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 "I suppose it's not completely beyond the bounds of the possible that UFO 
sightings and crop circles could be their way of gently getting us used to the 
idea that we're not alone."
 That's right, they are not in a hurry. If they had landed on the lawn of the 
White House or created a Crop Circle carved in stone at Piccadilly Circus many 
would go into shock (not Sal obviously, he would find some Scientific 
explanation even if only he had heard of it). Basically they choose when they 
want to be seen as they at will are able to switch into frequenzies making them 
invisible to most people.
 They have definately step uped their appearences here and sightings are now in 
the thousands this year, but according to Mr. Benjamin Creme mass showing by 
our Space Brothers is not in the cards anytime soon.


 Nope, there's no end to the crazy shit. 

 I wonder what the aliens would say if they landed and the first question 
anyone asked was "How do you do crop circles in the dark?" They'd get straight 
back on their ships and take off.

 I do like the idea of a stone circle carved in Piccadilly circus, that sounds 
a bit harder than pushing a plastic garden roller round a field. And more 
convincing to us sceptics because it's difficult and might take a technology we 
don't currently have. That's what is lacking crop circles which is why they are 
so easy to explain. 

 So why don't the Space Brothers do a stone carving in London rather than creep 
around fields in the west country at 2am? If they want us to take them 


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 5.  Crazy shit.  There would be no end to the crazy shit.


 I suppose it's not completely beyond the bounds of the possible that UFO 
sightings and crop circles could be their way of gently getting us used to the 
idea that we're not alone.



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 I can't believe you think the below responses are hefty enough to make this 
conversation worthwhile.  

You've merely tried to smack me around, as usual, with axiomless assertions.

Do you ever play fair in a conversation?

I'll leave it, as usual, for the rest of the crew here to decide if you're just 
being a prick or have any traction at all in the "what would happen 

I "get into it" here with various parties, but almost always, I find a foul 
dis-ingenuity afoot......making closure or conclusion impossible.  Smarm and 
snark are embraced while honesty is considered naive.  

I sincerely think that you don't care about clarity.  Just a fucking troll, are 
ya?  It's like you're a rat caught by one leg in a trap -- scared, small and 
prepared for your last actions to be vicious despite the obvious doom.   

And god damn it I've tried again and again to start afresh with new topics with 
you, but you just keep putting "look at the putz Edg" as your trump card.  
You're about as bad as Willy, ya know?  Gotta look at that, bub.  You're 
shooting from the hip most of the time to prop up a persona -- gotta get tiring 
I'da thought, but you seem to have endless energy for indulging in "stupid 

And if aliens land and you say even a single word about them, I'll make it my 
mission in life to find you and smack a pie on that silly ass smirk into which 
your face is frozen.

Still reading?   Can't get enough abuse?  Is this the reason you troll, so that 
others will expose your brokenness?  

Even when you attack Nabs or Willy, you're off base and unconvincing.  

Still reading?


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Okay, let's put it on the table: UFOs

Please re-read and note that I used the word "if."  Having done so, I did not 
need to shore up any cred for Gordon --- saved by the "if," ya see?

Meanwhile, your claim 

"would not change my life in any way"  

 seems to be so obviously in-human that I would ask you to reconsider the 

 Not gonna happen. I stand on what I said before.

 Now, I shouldn't be surprised that you said this, because you say you saw 
levitation, and frankly, I would equate "levitating" to "alien landing" in how 
strongly human-mindset-impacting either would be if the world was given all the 
proofs necessary to KNOW instead of believe.  And there you are saying you saw 
it and, so I guess, you're saying that that experience didn't do "all that much 
of anything" to you, so probably aliens wouldn't change your world either.

 What you're missing is having lived with seeing this for 14 years and watching 
as other people saw it, admitted having seen it and even raved about seeing it, 
but then a few days later claimed that they'd never seen it. Human beings have 
an investment in the status quo that can override ANYTHING.  

Have I got your reasoning here?  Something like that?

 Did you actually KNOW that levitation was taking place, or did you say, 
"There's a 1% chance this is some sort of staged illusion."  Even the slightest 
doubt would be -- to me -- why levitation didn't shake your world at the time.  
If there were zero doubts and yet still your world was not rocked, then, okay, 
I got no explanation for why your nervous system didn't "act normally."  


 There was no doubt, and no need for it. It happened and in circumstances (like 
in a booth in Dennys) where no "setup" was possible. What "it" was that 
happened may still elude me, but it happened. 

 What you don't get is that my nervous system treated this as normal BECAUSE IT 
WAS NORMAL. I saw this shit at least a couple a times a month for 14 years. 
After the first rush, it's pretty ho-hum stuff. 

But here's what I think REAL HUMANS would do if aliens landed:

 1.  Obsess.  Think how easily great hunks of various populations can be 
shifted into a mindset.  1/3 of America was roused by the word "ebola" enough 
to have, say, dozens of thoughts per day about what it meant to their lives.  
And the other 2/3rds who were immune to the mental stampede yet still had to 
have had thoughts about ebola's characteristics just in order to be on top of 
the issue.

 None of the people I'd be interested in knowing or interfacing with would 
obsess. That would free me to deal with people with stronger minds.  :-) 

 See?  If aliens land on the White House lawn, are you kidding me, Barry?  The 
sheer amount of media tonnage would make you, force you, absolutely cram you 
with everyone's opinions about the event.  There is zero way your nervous 
system could avoid the prongs, the triggerings and conclusions of everyone 
else, and perforce, you'd be a victim of a flood of thoughts about the aliens.  


 Uh, Edg. You know that little button that is usually in the upper right or 
left of your computer or TV, the one that says, "OFF." It's possible to push 
it.  :-)

 And "flood of thoughts" means IT CHANGES YOU.  


 No, it changes YOU. *I* don't react to everyone around me thinking about a 
certain subject by having streams of obsessive thoughts about the same subject. 
YOU DO. From my point of view, only people with weak minds and no self control 
and no ability to practice mindfulness do that. 


 No way you could avoid, say, having a thought about aliens EVERY FIVE MINUTES. 
 It would be the first issue of everyone upon awakening in the morning.  


 You clearly have never practiced mindfulness.

 2.  Question.  There'd be no human agenda that was not obviously impacted.   
From wars all the way down to do-I-ask-her-to-marry-me would be revised in 
light of a landing.  


 One word: WHY? 

 What does what these little bug-eyed monsters think about anything MATTER? Why 
should their presence or non-presence inspire/threaten humans to do anything 
different than they ever have, unless the aliens actually did threaten them, 
and had the ability to follow through. 


 I doubt seriously if there would be even one fewer war. 

 If aliens land, I don't ask if I should marry, I ask if there will be a world 
tomorrow in which one might then marry.  If aliens lands, I don't just keep 
bombing another county without asking, "Hmm, do the aliens have tech that could 
stomp us and what would they think about our warfare?"  

 We must agree to disagree. 


And so forth for all agendas.  Some agendas especially, but all agendas at 
least to some degree.

 3.  Doubt.  Virtually every value would be re-examined in light of the 
landing.  Am I my brother's keeper?  Does God exist?  What's the meaning of 
life? -- all these issues are now followed by "What do the aliens have to say 
about this?"

 I don't have any of these doubts now, and the presence of some little green 
man is not going to start them. You really do need someday to stop projecting 
how YOU would react onto the larger world. 

 4.  Turmoil.  It would be hard to underestimate the amount of carnage that 
would happen almost instantly given the present cultures on Earth.  Every 
leader's status would now be needing an "aliens" statement, and  with 1/3 of 
every population having a religious addiction, there's going to be throngs 
outside of every leader's office clamoring for decisions that favor their 
interpretations of the aliens, and if there's dissonance, there will be blood.  
"If you say aliens don't worship Allah, I keel you."   "If aliens are okay with 
homos, kill the aliens." "Should I go to work today at the 
nuke-bomb-making-plant?"   Etc.

 Again, since you don't seem to have discovered it, there is this thing called 
the OFF button. None of this shit has to affect you unless you WANT it to 
affect you. 


 5.  Crazy shit.  There would be no end to the crazy shit.  Look at Nabs going 
nutzoid for crop circles -- there's 1/3 of every population with similar minds 
-- hair triggered and half-cocked -- ready to do every single thing imaginable 
to the aliens.  From "I want to have sex with you" to whole segments arming 
themselves to mass demonstrations to over-night-cults.  The crazies along would 
exhaust global clarity with emotional obfuscations.  


 And? There is crazy shit now. There would not really be much more if little 
green men were walking around. 

Enough?  Do I have to do more numbers to show that you have not considered an 
alien landing hardly at all?



 And you're full of shit. 


 YOU would be changed. You're trying to insinuate that everyone -- and in 
particular, me -- is as weak-minded, obsessive, and drama queeny as yourself.  


 We aren't. 

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