On 11/17/2014 10:11 AM, Michael Jackson wrote:
I think I asked this once a long time ago, but I am posting this again if so:

What was the most absurd TM rumor you ever heard?
/The most absurd rumor I ever heard was on an internet discussion group.

The rumor posted claimed that the Maharishi had murdered his master SBS, by poisoning his food in a conspiracy with the Jyotirmath Ashram cook.

The motive apparently was for the Mahesh Yogi to get SBS's special ring and ruby-encrusted yantra. And, with a forged will, the cook would get the Shankaracharya highchair at the Upper Kashi./

/As far as rumors go, it is going to be difficult to top this one./

This would be something that was not part of the official TM cannon, nor any of the majorly accepted ones (like Marshy's enlightened, TM brings enlightenment or yogic flying brings world peace)

I am talking about the boundless rumors we all heard on courses and in TM facilities and from TM old timers.

Mine would I think have to be the idea that having animals around when you are meditating drains your energy. That one supposedly came from Marshy himself but who knows.

Other than that it would be Claire Baxter's classic never meditate with your hair wet because the stress you release comes out of your crown chakra, and if your hair is wet the stress slides down your hair and goes into your lower spine.

I include that one second, just because I only heard it from that one person and the animal energy drain was one I heard a lot from lots of different people.

How bout yours? Most absurd TM rumor?

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