Yes, that's a good observation.  However, if you take a look at the sublord of 
Rahu's placement, Mercury becomes the stronger indicator for the US chart 
during the time period.

 In Nadi astrology, Mercury is strongly placed in the 7th house which is in the 
sign of Gemini.  Since Mercury is also the lord of the 10th house, there is a 
good indication that the period of Rahu will be a prosperous one for the US 
people and the economy.

 Using the Parasara system of jyotish, however, the Rahu period is not very 
bright since it is placed in the 8th house of transformation.

 We'll just have to wait and see how the karma manifests for the country as a 
whole at that time.

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 John, I think by then the US will be running the major period of Rahu so it 
might be good to have a president who's also running Rahu, even if subperiod. 
Two negatives canceling each other out and all that...


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 Rand Paul looks like he's got a fairly strong jyotish chart for winning the 
presidency.  In 2016, he'll be running the major period of Saturn and the 
subperiod of Rahu.  Using Nadi astrology technique, it is likely that he could 
win the Republican nomination for president and eventually the national 
election through a complicated turn of events. 

 Given that the American electorate has favored the Republican agenda during 
the midterm elections, it appears more likely that the next president would be 
from the GOP.



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