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That's how he had the time and energy to get those gals to help him check his mail in the wee hours of the night.
/It's pretty common knowledge that MMY used to have help checking his mail in the early morning hours after everyone else had tuckered out and gone to bed to get some much needed sleep.

All I can say is that I am highly impressed with a guy his age working all day running a multi-billion dollar world-wide organization and then staying up till the wee hours to check his mail and get laid every night.

This guy was just AWESOME!//
//And, you're complaining about setting a few tables in the MUM dinning room? The Mahesh Yogi at 70 made you look like a slacker at age 24. Go figure./

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The movement needed the vague rumors and innuendos of Mahrishi's magical powers to sell the idea of his specialness, One of the most persistent myths was that his needing little sleep was unique thing. I just read an article about the sleeping habits of high performing executives who run big companies. Guess what, they don't sleep much. They have a lot of energy, have tons of ambition and are just interested in sleeping enough to recharge for the next round of world domination.

Are we really gunna say that buttholes like Donald Trump are living a higher state, or do we have to admit that Maharishi much touted lack of sleep is what lots of people get away with and it seems to go along with ambition and drive. Maharishi had plenty of both.

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Now those are good ones for sure - never had heard of the one about the crystal necklace!

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Heard stories of the Maharishi miracles of being in two places at once, telling the driver to do high speeds and ignore red lights to get to the airport, "taking back" by "magic" a crystal necklace from what's-her-name when she refused to return it to him, and heard of MMY touching a guy's brain-tumor head and saying "let them do anything but don't let them cut" -- which then healed.

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