Integrating the 12 Chakra Multi-Dimensional Self in order to Create
the Beauty of New Earth

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Integrating the Twelve Chakra System in Preparation for the Gate Energies

Dearest Ones, at this time of the 7:7:7, we urge you to light a candle
and find a quiet moment to go within and connect with your own Twelve
Chakra System.

Begin by seeing yourself standing on the earth, your feet firmly
planted on the ground. Let the Earth support you and nourish you.
Connect with the Earth Star point, which is the place a few feet below
your feet where you are connected into the Earth grids energetically.
Then move your awareness into your Base Chakra and feel your
connection with all other physical beings on the planet, your family
and relations, be they the human,plant animal or mineral kingdoms.
Then move into the Sacral Chakra, feeling your personal "fire", your
emotions and your creativity. Celebrate your creativity and your
energies, and then move into your Solar Plexus Chakra. Feel your
connection with the mental or mind energies of the planet, and feel
that this is good. It is a network of communication and ideas that
links the Human Collective mind into your mind.

Then lift the energies into the Heart Chakra. Feel the waves of
Unconditional Love as Spirit energy from above links with the Physical
energy from Below. Feel the energies of Acceptance, Hope, Joy, Faith
and Trust. Rest in these wonderful energies and feel yourself as a
"Heart Link" between Heaven and Earth.

Now move to your Throat Chakra. Feel your connection with your
Guidance and Higher Self as you speak your truth and walk in trust. At
the Brow Chakra, allow the intuitive and psychic energies of the Third
Eye to link you to your psychic and perceptual abilities. You are a
Child of Light - a Magical Child! Activate your Higher mental
facilities and feel your freedom and your joy.

Now move into your Seventh Chakra, just above your head. Feel the
expansion of the energies here as you open to the Higher Vibrations of
the Sirian Stellar energies. Remember that these energies flow from
the source via the Galactic Center and through Sirius to you. They are
the highest ___expression of Divine Will available to you on this Planet
at this time. Feel yourself creating BALANCE within your lower seven
chakra system as you integrate the energies. Only when you feel
balanced and calm should you proceed to the next level. (If you cannot
feel the balance, rather wait until another time, do not proceed if
you feel out of balance as the next steps will only serve to unbalance
you further if you are not grounded and balanced.)

Now lift into your Eighth Chakra, a few feet above your head. Feel
your connection to the Archetypal Higher Mind of the Human Collective.
This is the place of power and dreams and desires. Allow yourself to
connect with only your highest dreams and aspirations for yourself and
the Planet. Fill this chakra with radiant golden light and see
yourself transmitting this light to the Collective Mind of the Human
Species, helping to transform from Homo Sapiens (determined by the
lower mind) to Homo Christos (defined by the Higher Mind).

Now move into the Ninth Chakra, and feel your energetic connection to
the Planet. You are a Lightworker and a keeper of the Planetary Grids.
Allow yourself to strengthen the Crystal Grids by transmitting your
unconditional love and joy to the Planet. It is a beautiful and
wonderful creation. Let that be your message, a confirmation of your
wonder and joy at being a part of the ongoing creation called Planet
Earth at this miraculous time!

As you move into the Tenth Chakra you will open to your Higher Solar
Self and you will enter into the beloved presence of the Ascended Ones
and the Angelic Realm of Light. Feel the love and support that comes
to you from the Higher Dimensions. Open to the knowledge that you too
have your place among these beings as you access the radiant light of
your Tenth Chakra. Moving ever higher, open to the Eleventh Chakra.
This illuminates your Galactic heritage. You are a Starseed, and your
soul's essence is here in the stars. Feel the joy and the love that
belongs to the children of the Galaxy as they go about their missions
of creativity and self-realization on behalf of the Divine Source Energy.

And, finally, as you enter the Twelfth Chakra, feel yourself moving
into the Blessed Energy of the Divine Source. You are entering into
the place of Divine Oneness. You are One with All That Is. Rest at
this point. Allow the energies to fill your Being. You are in the
Heart of Light. You are the Light. You are Home. You are You. This is
who You Are. (And while you rest here in radiant glowing light, allow
your consciousness to touch briefly on the Divine Mystery of al
existence at the Thirteenth Chakra.)

Now - as you return, let yourself move slowly back through the
chakras, 12 to 11, to 10,9,8,7, and then move down the body back to
the Earth and into the Earth Star, to ground yourself. Ensure that you
are fully grounded and back in your body before you commence any other

You should now be activated and in balance!


Seeing the Beauty to Create the Beauty

Dearest Ones, while you are in this state of Divine Grace and Balance,
see the Earth and her people as a gift of Divine Grace. See the Earth
with Love and Joy.

It is time to release the final illusion that Earth needs to be a
place of suffering and pain. This is not true! But it is up to you to
make the shift - for as you know where you focus your energy is what
becomes your reality.

So, if you see a wounded planet on the brink of destruction, that is
what you will create. If you see the transformations as punishment for
sin and wrongdoing, then you will create suffering and fear.

But - if you see the gift of God's Grace in everything, that is what
you will create. This is called "New Earth" and it is based in
Gratitude, Love, Acceptance and Beauty. Yes, see the Beauty of your
own Being and that of Others, and so It Shall Be!

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