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 Re: So, I just watched about half of that and I have a few observations and a 
few questions 

 Well the Alice books are so ingrained in our collective consciousness that it 
is fair game for any treatment. To turn Carroll's "dream story" into a 
nightmare is an obvious move. But, yes, if such imagery disturbs you don't 
watch it.  I picked up on the Marilyn version as I am a fan of Valerie and Her 
Week of Wonders ( Czech, 1969) so I look out for similar variations - though 
Marilyn's take is going to be decidedly more in-your-face and bleak (if he ever 
finishes it).
 Valerie is another "little girl lost in a dream" film - heavily influenced by 
the Alice tales (via the Marquis de Sade) - starring the then 13-year-old 
Jaroslava Schallerov√° as Valerie. The film portrays the heroine as living in a 
disorienting dream, cajoled by priests, vampires, men and women alike, and 
blends elements of fantasy and horror films. It actually has some charming, 
poetic moments. The trailer gives a good feel for it . . . don't worry - it 
won't give you bad dreams like the previous trailer. 


  What is so interesting is that the Alice story, the symbolism, the very tale 
has inspired so many to create spinoffs and other versions. I love the story 
and I love the original illustrations. As a small child I was mesmerized by 
that world of Alice and those line drawings were sheer magic. Love it still. 
Manson can fuck off and leave her to others to interpret who have a less 
distorted lens on the world.





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