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 I believe that a lot of this sense of fulfillment in our lives is tied to our 
age. I have read studies about how satisfaction and happiness in life increases 
with age and I have certainly found that to be true. I have also gotten way 
better at what to focus on and what to ignore to keep my head on straight. 

 I might have to agree with most of this. I think with age can come a 
mellowing, but not an apathetic I'm-almost-dead mellowing, but a sense of 
gratitude for all that life can throw at us and to discover that we're still 
breathing. And when that happens we appreciate more, take in more and love 
more. At least for me this is true. Keeping one's head on straight is no small 
feat. It takes knowing what to pay attention to and what to keep walking on by 
without a backward glance.


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