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 How do you know that global warming is the biggest threat ? According to some 
methaphysists we would all be dead long ago if our Space Brothers didn't 
initiate their programmes to neutralize nuclear radiation here right after 
WWII. Radiation our instruments are far to crude to register.

 Leaving aside the preposterous idea that aliens can neutralise radiation, I'm 
sure we have created enough to make life extremely unpleasant if it ever got 
released. There's the thing, we buried it, it's still around. Silly us. There 
are millions of tons of nuclear waste we will have to watch for hundreds of 
thousands of years unless we start using it as fuel for the next generation of 
reactors. Which we are pretty much going to have to do because....

 ....global warming continues to get worse, 2 degrees this century will make 
life very hard for our grandchildren. Any more after that and life gets very 
hard for everything, until you reach 6 degrees of warming, then the world 
belongs to underground mushrooms and not much else. Bit silly really, but 
there's no votes in shrinking the economy so maybe you could say that 
capitalism is our greatest threat.

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 Must agree With the Turq here, compassion is much overrated. The Buddhist's 
talk of compassion simply because they don't have much else to talk about.

 LOL, there's another way of looking at it!

 But our Space Brothers shows "compassion" by their actions to help and try 
prevent this planet from self-destruction. Amongst other things there is strong 
suggestions that they neutralize much of the nuclear radiaton produced by 
nuclear plants not measurable by our crude instruments.

 Can they do something about global warming then? I don't want to sound 
alarmist but that's the biggest threat we have, much worse than nuclear power. 
It isn't going to go away, without magic we have only one solution.


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 Salyavin, I admit that when I imagine more developed beings, I automatically 
assume that would include being ultra compassionate. I guess the tricky part 
is, how would ultra compassion be expressed? 

 Opinions vary about what an ultra-technological society would be like. Some 
think that they would be extremely friendly because crossing interstellar space 
is such a big undertaking that, surely, any species would have to have 
conquered any bad attitudes amongst themselves long ago and pulled together.

 It sounds to me as if Share is suffering under Yet Another Unfounded 
Assumption. By most standards, homo sapiens could be considered the "most 
developed" species on planet Earth, but they've been the cause of the 
extinction of (by some estimates) 99% of the other species that ever developed 
here. One could hardly call that an indication of "compassion." It also appears 
likely that humans will eradicate the remaining 1% in the next 20-50 years, 
also hardly an indicator of "compassion."

 Finally, since Share seems to equate Maharishi and his teachings with being 
"more developed," I challenge her to find even one instance of the *word* 
"compassion" in either The Science of Being or Maharishi's commentary on the 


 Hint: According to Amazon's "Look Inside This Book" search feature, she can't 
do it. Maharishi spent over 50 years without ever *using* the word 
"compassion," much less teaching it. And I think anyone who spent any time with 
him knows how little compassion he actually demonstrated in his life. 


 Another way of looking at it is that intelligence implies belligerence. Maybe 
it's only possible to evolve to this space-faring level if you've had the 
environmental and social hardships to drive you towards mastering the 
environment and defeating any enemies. Bad attitude built in.

 It is certainly likely, given what we've seen in the species that have 
appeared on Earth, that any species arising elsewhere and being able to come 
here would be pretty much the very definition of belligerent. You don't get to 
be the ruling species on your home planet without defeating most of the other 
species. Take that 'tude into space, and they'd just be lookin' for the next 
species to annihilate, not lookin' for friends.  


 Both are projections from our state of being of course, but I tend towards the 
friendly interpretation. Particularly concerning our Wow! signal. Assuming that 
it was an alien broadcast, they must be curious to be sending messages and 
curiosity would mean they are philosophical. And friendly too because if you 
want to steal a planet's resources or suck the occupants brains out you 
wouldn't call them up and say Hi! Unless the message reads "Start running - 
you've got 30 years before we get there". 

 Maybe we'd better work on decoding it before it's too late....

I think they finally deciphered the title of the Wow! signal and found that it 
is "To Serve Man."  :-)

 "It's a Cookbook!" Ahah... I get it! 

 "It's a Cookbook!" Ahah... I get it! 

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