Geiger counters measure but the crudest harmful radiation. When our 
communication with the Space Brothers goes to the next step it will be seen 
that their greatest contribution to this planet was that they saved our lives 
by neutralized extremely dangerous radiation. A work that has been, and 
continues to be, in co-operation with the Hierarchy of Masters of which 
Maitreya is the most advanced and Guru Dev,  Mary and Jesus from Nasareth 
prominent members.

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 How do you know that global warming is the biggest threat ? According to some 
methaphysists we would all be dead long ago if our Space Brothers didn't 
initiate their programmes to neutralize nuclear radiation here right after 
WWII. Radiation our instruments are far to crude to register.

 I don't think amounts of radiation that can seriously harm living things is 
hard to measure. Geiger counters and other means of measuring radiation were 
developed decades ago and they have only been getting more advanced and 
sensitive. I'd have to disagree with you on that one, Nabby.

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