Re "If you're female and attending those colleges, you have a 1 in 4 chance of 
being raped":

 Unless US colleges are effectively war zones (which is where you do get such 
high proportions of women being sexually assaulted) my natural scepticism 
inclines me to take the 25 per cent figure with a large pinch of salt. 
 That 1 in 4 statistic has been questioned. If you Google the figures (as I 
just did) you get loads of sites which take the figures as literally exact and 
lots of sites insisting that they are hopelessly exaggerated. Which way they 
lean seems to say more about the posters' prejudices than it does about hard 
 I haven't the time to wade through the arguments of the different positions 
taken or to do the maths - have you? If not, don't quote stats you can't back 
up. It isn't going to help the solution.

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