German philosopher Schopenhauer (1840s) thought that alien life couldn't evolve 
to a higher level of intelligence than that already reached by humans. Why? He 
pointed out that in all human civilizations which have reached a settled level 
the most intelligent men and women realize that life isn't worth the candle and 
refuse to procreate, instead retreating to monasteries to contemplate their 
navels. He believed there would indeed be alien societies in space but assumed 
the same evolutionary process would be repeated on their planets. So you can 
forget about looking out for space brothers to help us out. They'll be as dumb 
as us.  

 I quote him: 

 We should be driven crazy if we contemplated the lavish and excessive 
arrangements, the countless flaming fixed stars in infinite space which have 
nothing to do but illuminate worlds which are the scene of misery and 
desolation and, in the luckiest case, yielding nothing but boredom - at any 
rate to judge from the specimen [ie, Earth] with which we are familiar.


 Cheerful bugger wasn't he?  On the other hand, he was an early advocate of the 
humane treatment of animals. This quote made me smile:

 The highly intelligent dog, man's truest and most faithful friend, is put on a 
chain by him! Never do I see such a dog without feelings of the deepest 
sympathy for him and of profound indignation against his master. I think with 
satisfaction of a case, reported some years ago in The Times, where Lord - kept 
a large dog on a chain. One day as he was walking through the yard, he took it 
into his head to go and pat the dog, whereupon the animal tore his arm open 
from top to bottom, and quite right too! What he meant by this was: 'You are 
not my master, but my devil who makes a hell of my brief existence!' May this 
happen to all who chain up dogs.







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 Salyavin, I admit that when I imagine more developed beings, I automatically 
assume that would include being ultra compassionate. I guess the tricky part 
is, how would ultra compassion be expressed? 

 Opinions vary about what an ultra-technological society would be like. Some 
think that they would be extremely friendly because crossing interstellar space 
is such a big undertaking that, surely, any species would have to have 
conquered any bad attitudes amongst themselves long ago and pulled together.

 Another way of looking at it is that intelligence implies belligerence. Maybe 
it's only possible to evolve to this space-faring level if you've had the 
environmental and social hardships to drive you towards mastering the 
environment and defeating any enemies. Bad attitude built in.

 Both are projections from our state of being of course, but I tend towards the 
friendly interpretation. Particularly concerning our Wow! signal. Assuming that 
it was an alien broadcast, they must be curious to be sending messages and 
curiosity would mean they are philosophical. And friendly too because if you 
want to steal a planet's resources or suck the occupants brains out you 
wouldn't call them up and say Hi! Unless the message reads "Start running - 
you've got 30 years before we get there". 

 Maybe we'd better work on decoding it before it's too late....

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 Re "Did you know we received a message from the stars in 1977? ": 

 In the Wiki link about the possibly alien signal it says:
 "In 2012, on the 35th anniversary of the Wow! signal, Arecibo Observatory 
beamed a response from humanity, containing 10,000 Twitter messages, in the 
direction from which the signal originated":

 Ye gods! After intelligent aliens wade their way through the messages from 
10,000 twits they will definitely conclude that Earth is inhabited by 
small-minded, grudge-bearing oiks with the attention span of a gnat, and that 
our planet isn't worth visiting. 
 Instead they should have sent 10,000 FairfieldLife messages to show them how 
enlightened we are ;-)

 Hmm, yes. First one to troll our new alien overlords does a double shift in 
the dilithium crystal mines.

 I always wondered if we should be a bit more careful with what we broadcast 
into space. Look at the average days TV, that's a bubble of drivel spreading 
away from us at the speed of light. What's an intelligent being going to make 
of it all? If they're a really Spock-like race they might take it all 
seriously, maybe that's they leave us alone...


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