I don't know - When I was around the teachers, it was for a specific purpose - 
I was focused on the course, or the TMSP, or whatever it was. My path started 
to diverge from the orthodoxy of the seven states, a year or so after learning 
the TMSP, (1981-ish), being plunged into so many experiences of "the finest 
relative", "GC", (probably also referred to as the third eye opening, from 
descriptions I have read) while very much in waking state.  

 I knew I hadn't been witnessing prior to all of this, and some of the stronger 
experiences incorporated witnessing too, so it was a very confusing time. 
Thankfully, I was also very busy with my life, and the intensity of the 
experiences became less important, in terms of family and career life. 

 So, it has been 35 years, or so, since I considered what the speed of my path 
to enlightenment was. As long as it stayed interesting, I kept with it, though 
never losing sight of the everyday life, my values, and goals, as a reality 
check, vs. some teacher telling me something. That's the way it rolled for me, 
and continues to.
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 Barry is trolling. I have never heard anyone in the TM Org, including my 
teacher, say that TM was the fastest way to enlightenment. It is not on any 
tapes, or in any lectures, or books. I challenge Barry to find even one 
recorded instance of this phrase, used by anyone in the TMO. He is more 
interested in tooting his limp horn, than any sort of reality based 
conversation. As usual.

 Maybe you just met some more realistic teachers, I heard many say that "TM 
isn't the only path but it's the fastest one" And that the siddhi's were like 
"getting into the fast lane and putting your foot down". And I would swear that 
I heard Maharishi say it all too but can't give any context like whether it was 
from an old tape or from the Marshy channel.

 But where do you suppose the teachers got it from if not from the reesh? 

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 Actually, Barry, you've discounted Maharishi's progress on the spiritual path 
as someone who had achieved nothing.  At the same time you've discussed your 
experiences practicing his technique, which happen to coincide with the 
signposts of higher consciousness outlined by M. 

 I always had a feeling that it would emerge that you would in some way appoint 
yourself as being the "One".

 Maybe consider changing your handle to "Neo turq", or "Neo Barry"

 No need to be modest about it.

 Come out of the closet, boy.

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 It's not so much a rumor, more of a sales pitch or claim, but I've always 
gotten a chuckle from "TM is the fastest path to enlightenment on the planet," 
coming from an organization that in over 50 years has been unable to produce 
even a single person they can point at and say, "This person is enlightened, 
and got that way as a result of practicing TM." 


 Think of it...over 50 years with a single "success story" they're willing to 
present in public, and they still claim to be "the fastest path." 



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