Haha, drooling it is :-) And more and more I run into these very well-behaved, 
bright young people, they have a sweetness about them I honestly can't remember 
anyone at my schools had. 
 I'm pretty sure it has something to do with this: One afternoon in the mid 
70's Maharishi came to the lecturehall and simply said; "From this morning the 
channels are open for more evolved souls to take birth". 
 Some time ago just for fun I joined a march against the use of furs and the 
appalling fur-industry, mostly to do some snaps. What I realized was that the 
vast majority were very Young, many as Young as 13- 14 years old and hardly any 
above 50 at all. It was a very inspiering moment and I strongly felt 

 "The future of mankind is Bright, and that is Our delight"
  - which was Maharishi's departing Words.

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